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C-Section Workshops from A Mother’s Touch

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If you know you’ll be having a c-section, whether elective, or because you’re carrying multiples or for health reasons, it can feel as though you’re on a different path from those mamas planning natural births. Regular antenatal classes might not be very applicable for you, and there isn’t much information out there in terms of dealing with those normal worries that come along with a c-section, like bonding, breastfeeding and post-op recovery.

Thankfully A Mother’s Touch has created a special two hour workshop that is specifically tailored to c-section mamas-to-be, which can be taken either in a group (HK750) with others who are also planning c-sections, or privately (HK900) if you’re looking for more individual attention. The workshop includes relaxation and breathing awareness, positive visualizations and affirmations, as well as how to create an optimal birth environment in the operating theatre. You’ll learn about how your partner can participate and support you, and also what to expect from anaesthetic procedures and the operation itself. Most importantly, you’ll be able to talk to the experienced and empathetic doulas, Liz and Kathy, all about breastfeeding and connecting with your newborn.

Classes are available both in Central and in Discovery Bay and you can find out more info by visiting the A Mother’s Touch website, or by emailing [email protected]. The next session is in Central on Friday May 27th from 5pm-8pm.

A Mother’s Touch, 202/2 Ivy House, 18-20 Wyndham Street, Central, 9521 2347 (by appointment only)




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