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Sassy Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide for Dads

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Find something special for your important man!

Christmas will be arriving very soon, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking of what to get your loved ones! But with all the blinking lights and holiday sales commotion out there, it’s easy to get buried by all the possible gifting options. Which is why we’ve consolidated a list of items you can order and buy in the ‘Kong – from tech gadgets, home grown mushrooms, artsy leather goods to home brewing beer kits and more… there will surely be something to pique your interests! Read on to get ideas on neat gifts you could put under the tree to surprise Dad this Christmas!

Tech Savvy Dad

There are a bunch tech store all over Hong Kong that sell all sorts of cool gadgets and accessories, but if you’re looking for some online platforms to shop at check out these trendy stores: Lane Crawford, NordstormBrookstone, WOAW, uncommongoods, Native Union, Mr Porter, Zavvi, Firebox, Apple


Stylish Phone Cases

Trendy and nice phone cases are great accessories to one’s ‘look.’ Native Union has a collection of swank iPhone cases, from marble, to woodenleather and more! Casetify and Lucrin also has tons of choices for all phones, and you can also choose to customize as well!

Find it at: Native UnionCasetify and Lucrin


Portable Projector

Have you heard your dad complain about how tiny his phone screen is? Well a quick fix to this problem is a handy portable projector … the PicoPro! The PicoPro is a mini projector that would easily fit into a pocket but don’t be deceived by its mini structure because this guy packs a punch for its size, projecting high-res stuff! With this sleek projector, dad will be able to project movies, presentations, and whatever else he wants whenever – no more squinting eyes to look at tiny screens!

Find it at: Celluon


Mini Camera Droid

This two wheeled droid would be a fun gadget for dad to play around with. Plus on Christmas, you can just focus on having a great time without worrying about recording the memorable moments as this Jumping Sumo Camera Mini Drone will be there to get everything on camera. There’s also the nifty mini HD camera drone or the Parrot Mini Drone Cargo Airborne that FLY! Is that a bird…or a plane? No it’s not Superman, it’s just dad’s new drone!

Find it at: Lane Crawford and Firebox


Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays, who can stand wires? Check out these marvelous wireless speakers that are portable friendly and high quality! Bose portable wireless speaker, Beats Pill 2.0, Marshall Speakers … These guys are perfect for bringing around during travels or stationing in the bedroom.

Find it at: Nordstorm, Beats by Dre and Marshall


Portable Charger

Phone batteries run out way too quickly … these portable chargers are literally a modern necessity in todays world! You can get dad one of these fashionable chargers, small portable charger, classy leather bound chargerbig portable charger, so that dad’s phone will never die, and you can find him whenever … No more “the phone died” problems and excuses!

Find it at: Lane Crawford, Woaw, Native Union and Nordstorm


‘Welcome’ the Home Security Camera

Grab this clever home security camera by Netatmo for dad this Christmas! It’s the only home camera that can recognises faces. Yes, you heard me right- it recognises faces! The camera “learns” the inhabitants and regular visitors to your home and then monitors them. So how does this smart device work? Whenever a known face appears (usually a family member’s face) Welcome will send a notification to dad’s phone! Dad or mom can instantly know that the kids have gotten home safely from school or that the house is safe when the family is away on holiday. The camera also sends a notification when it detects a stranger’s face. The privacy settings are as secure as bank-level encryptions and instead of storing the recording via the cloud footage, it is stored on an SD card! Its a great gift for the busy bee dads who are always on business trips. Welcome gives them a sense of security and a sense of proximity as if they’re not too far away. Peace of mind is a pretty cool gift.

Find it at: Apple



Protect your dad’s eardrums with high-quality Bose: noise canceling ear phones or B&O Brass in ear headphones! Good earphones makes all the difference, because with quality earphones dad won’t have to ramp up the volume anymore. Despite low volume settings the sound quality will be crisp and excellent making listening to music and picking up phone calls clearer than ever before.

Find it at: Nordstorm and Mr Porter


Touch Screen Gloves

Give dad a present that will help him stay warm this winter! If you’ve got a smartphone, you must know of this winter dilemma, which is that most gloves prevent you from using your touchscreen phone. So when picking up phone calls, answering text messages or emails during winter, one has to bear their hands to the chilly weather! Beat this winter dilemma with J.Crew’s awesome cashmere lined leather smartphone gloves – never again have cold fingers typing away during the chilly seasons.

Find it at: J.Crew

Sporty Dad


Swing Analysers for Golf and Tennis Enthusiasts

Does your dad wake up early on Sundays to make that trip to the golf course or tennis court? Golf and tennis dads can use this clever gadget to improve their ‘game,’ and its really simple and straightforward to use. The Zepp Golf Swing analyser just needs to be clipped on to the golf gloves and when playing, instant feedback is sent to you phone in 3D form! You will be able to see how you play in 3D and 360 degrees perspectives! It works the same way for tennis dads by attaching the gadget to the tennis racket.

Find it at: Apple (Golf, Tennis)


Action Video Cameras: Go Pro and Polaroid

Give your dad the chance to record his adventures with these small, ok tiny, and practical action cameras –  Go Pro and Polaroid! They’ll come in handy when traveling, hiking, diving or doing any other adventurous fun your dad gets into! They’re so small he could fit one, or three into his pocket.

Find it at: Lane Crawford and Apple


A New Pair of Sneakers

Give dad a new pair of trendy workout sneakers! One of my favourite pairs of sneakers are these fashionable Nike running flyknit Lunar 3 sneakers … you can get them from Footlocker or straight from Nike! Check out all the other high swagger shoes Nike has on hand too; pick basketball shoes, tennis shoes, and whatever shoes most suited for your dad’s workouts.

Find it at: Footlocker or Nike


Gym class

How about some awesome personal training sessions for your dad at some of these exceptional gyms: PURE, Topfit and Pinnacle. Not jumping to any conclusions, but he may need them after all that turkey and egg nog. Or opt to get him some kick ass Muay Thai classes at these legit studios: Impakt and Warrior!

Find it at: PURE, Topfit, Pinnacle, Impakt, and Warrior

Foodie Dad


Foodie Classes

For your dad who loves to cook, get him cooking class sessions for two! Dad can learn to cook Japanese delights at ABC Cooking Studio, or traditional Chinese dishes at Martha Sherpa. Also check out Easy 123 Dining & Cooking Studio and Corner Kitchen for more options. Or how about taking barista brewing classes together at Alchemy Coffee Group or The Coffee Academics? Or get fancy and go for a wine appreciation workshop together at Vinex Wine Academy.

Find it at: ABC Cooking StudioMartha SherpaEasy 123 Dining & Cooking StudioCorner KitchenAlchemy Coffee GroupCoffee Academics and Vinex Wine Academy!


Tea Essentials

Tea drinking dads will enjoy this simplistic, yet traditional Chinese tea set designed by JIA Inc. It’s gorgeous because its so modern but still holds key traditional characteristics. You could get your tea-loving-zen dad traditional Chinese tea leaves or a variety of more modern mixes from teapigs or leaftea. Or go all out with a tea subscription – he’ll receive regular shipments of tea bags (depending on the subscription plan) with background information about the teas!

Find it at: Lane Crawford, Ying Kee Tea, teapigs, Leaftea, and TeaCha


Fancy Cooking Utensils

Dads who cook are gonna love these spiffy cooking utensils. Starting with the compact bowl set; it’s perfect for cooking prep-work and the design is very space conscious so its easy to store away. Or consider this set of sharp quality knives or a set of essential kitchen tools , not only are they kitchen necessities, but their sleek design will add a modern charm to your kitchen. If your dad’s all set with the kitchen tools, check out this modern traditional designed steamer basket. Lastly, what’s a cooking utensil list without the classic Le Creuset iron cast products; you can never go wrong when gifting one of these!

Find it at: Le Creuset, JIA Inc and Joseph Joseph!


Home Grown Shrooms

With the innovative and sustainable Espresso Mushroom Company grow your own supply of organic mushrooms. Especially in the limited spaces of Hong Kong, who would have ever dreamed of being able to grow produce at home? There’s the clever kitchen garden, where you can grow mushrooms out of a box, and you could even choose to grow RED mushrooms (adding all the more color to the merry Christmas dishes). This is great for dad’s who love cooking; they’ll have their very own stash of home-grown shrooms!

Artsy Fashionista Dad


Christmas Sweaters

Every man has gotta have a classical Christmas sweater ready for the festivities! Find them at Urban Outfitters, asos, East Dane and J.Crew! If dad prefers something quirky and geeky, these Zavvi Christmas sweaters are perfect for him. Is he more of a fashion-hound? Check out this sweater on Kapok!

Find it at: KapokZavviUrban Outfitters, asos, East Dane and J.Crew


Socks that Pop!

When guys are in a plain, low-key outfit or when they’re in work-mode wearing suits, their socks can add an upbeat and charming factor to their look. Happy Socks is a go-to place for socks that can spice up any outfit. Try this fun set of sushi socks.

Find it at: Happy Socks and Firebox



Sign yourself and dad up for a leather workshop class at Fungus Workshop, where you can make cool leather goodies together! If dad’s more of a canvas guy, get him a fun DIY painting session at the quaint Studio83 or simply go Art Jamming!

Find it at: Fungus WorkshopStudio83Art Jamming


Leather Goods

Leather always makes for a classy look, so for your classy dad check out the numerous leather items available at Lucrin. Specifically check out these customisable leather trays – handy for placing spare items – and these elegant business card cases.  J.W. Hulme Co. also has a ton of leather goodies you can browse through (and they too have customisable trays)!

Find it at: Lucrin and J.W. Hulme Co.


Moleskine Notebooks

The classic black Moleskine notebooks not only come in handy for note-jotting, journal keeping, and list making, but they also add sophisticated charm to any person, making your already posh dad even posher! Moleskine notebooks are so simple and also come in many categories such as planners, sketchbooks, travel logs and more!

Find it at: Moleskine

Groom Kit for Dad


Shaving Essentials

Every girl knows of the ingrown hair problem (ouch!). Well, guys get them too, and it’s usually on their face (double ouch)! Help dad fight facial ingrown hair and improve after-shave results with some fine shaving products! Check out the Refinery Shaving Collection by Aromatherapy Associates and Aesop’s Shaving Products. Say goodbye to those irritating ingrown monsters.

Find it at: Lane Crawford and Aesop


Sonic Brush for Thorough Cleansing

Finally, there are sonic cleansing brushes for men! With these bathroom gadgets, cleansing routines get easier and more thorough. Check out Clinique’s Men’s Sonic Brush Set and the Clarisonic ‘Alpha Fit’ Sonic Cleansing System for Men.

Find it at: Lane Crawford and Nordstorm


Kiehl’s Grooming Sets

Kiehl’s always comes through with solid grooming sets. Covering all bases from cleansers to moisturisers to shaving creams, they are packed with all the grooming necessities. Check out their grooming sets available this season!

Find it at: Kiehl’s Stores (they’re all over Hong Kong)

Dads with an Appreciation for Alcohol


Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentleman’ gift-tin 

Have a world-traveling, whisky connoisseur gent of a husband or dad? Get him something on his level of classy – the Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter limited edition gift-tin available in selected stores for $405. This gift tin is part of a group of collectibles created through a collaboration between Chivas Regal and Globe-trotter, known the world over for its handcrafted luxury luggage. In addition to the gift-tin, the partnership has produced a limited run of Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter 20 inch Carry-on Cases. And the Big Papi of the group is a fancy schmancy made-on-request Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter Steamer Trunk ($15,800). Buy this for your husband or dad and safely secure your title as “best wife” or “best daughter”or generally, just “best gift giver, ever.” Any one of these collectibles would make the perfect holiday gift for that special man in your life.

Find it at: Marketplace by Jasons and as a free gift with Globe-Trotter purchases at Lane Crawford.


Mumm Champagne Global Off-Trade by Renato Montagner packshot Cordon Rouge.tiff

G.H. MUMM Champagne

Celebrate dad with some famous Cuvée Mumm Cordon Rouge decked out in an original, limited edition gift box designed by architect and designer Renato Montagner. The striking, modern packaging with its repetition of geometrical patterns and lines gives the optical illusion of an impressive three-dimensional image which makes the bottle appear to be solid. It’s truly a work of art. And it’s also the perfect gift idea for dad!  ($410 HKD)

Find it at: Wellcome, Oliver’s Supermarket, PARKnSHOP and FoodWise.


Chill the Whisky

For the whisky loving dad (see above) opt for classy original ice balls or for rocks that chill your drinks without diluting the smokey whisky flavour.

Find it at: The Original Whisky Ball and Firebox


DIY Booze Kits

How about getting dad one of these awesome DIY kits! From a spirits and shaker set, beer making kit, to homemade gin kit and sake making kit. Your dad will be able to have fun making his personal booze. If you think this isn’t profesh enough enroll dad into a brewing workshop at HK Brew Craft!

Find it at: Lane Crawford, Nordstorm, Urban OutfittersUncommon Goods, and HK Brew Craft

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