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Sassy Mama Travels: Family Friendly Fun at Club Med Kani, Maldives

Sassy Mama Maldives
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Endless turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches and the quintessential Club Med charm… #travelwithsassymama to the Maldives in Part 1 of a 2 Part series!

They say the Maldives is one of the most picturesque beach destinations in the world… whoever said that was right! Having had a chance to getaway for a few days with the hubs, we boarded the plane and got ready for some much needed R&R. As we landed in the capital, Malé, we couldn’t see much of the water as it was all dark already, but the cool breeze and laid back island life helped our hurried Hong Kong selves take a deep breath and slow down.

Our guides from Club Med led us right to the boardwalk which was outside of the airport. With the spotlights shining into each dock we could immediately see just how turquoise blue the water was and even school small schools of fish zipping by! If we weren’t by where the boats berth, I would’ve been tempted to jump in! We took a speed boat which sailed into what seemed like the abyss of the Indian Ocean. How these seasoned drivers sail through the dark waters without much light or guidance of direction is beyond me! Kudos to them!

After 30 minutes or so, we began to see dots of lights which grew larger and larger which would reveal the lit boardwalk, ocean and beach front villas and the distant sounds of what seemed like a pretty bumpin’ club. We had finally arrived at Club Med Kani.

Maldives Club Med Kani

Our guides led us to their outdoor reception where we were greeted by the Village Chef aka the managing director of the resort who pretty much spoke every language imaginable. At Club Med they really instill a sense of community amongst their staff (aka the G.O’s) and their guests (aka G.M.’s) and to ensure that, they hire some of the most upbeat, enthusiastic, multi-lingual and national, diverse staff! It became very clear to us that their main goal for our stay was to ensure we had a good time.

After a long day of travel, we were grateful to be brought to our beach front room. In the darkness with little light, it felt like quite a walk (but to our surprise, it wasn’t really that far from the hub bub of the main area of the resort in the light of the morning). We walked into a cool (for which we were thankful!) room that was decorated in what I could only describe as under the sea married with nautical elements with bright turquoise blue and vibrant red accents. If this doesn’t spell beach vacation, I don’t know what does! There was sectioned off area with an extra single bed which would be perfect if we were traveling with our kiddo. As our guide left our room, he had mentioned that it had been raining the last few days but sunshine was on the forecast for the time we were there. With fingers crossed, we went to bed anticipating a sunny morning.Maldives Club Med Kani

Our prayers must’ve been heard as we woke up to blue skies with not a cloud in sight! We finally took in the sights of our surroundings with the lush foliage, tall palms, 50 shades of blue waters and the pale white sand. We were officially in paradise!

We got the chance to tour the resort a bit and were impressed with the amount of activities on offer for the whole family. From sailing to kayaking to body boarding to snorkeling and aqua gym (aka dance parties) at the pool. Plus, their kids clubs program seemed to be a hit with both the parents and kids themselves! You could see G.O.’s taking kids and teens all over the resort on difference activities which also included dance and drama skits for the evening performances (more on that later!). It was at this point, I wished my kids were here to experience this too… but just almost! There was plenty of things that caught my eye including getting a massage beachside and parasailing! The hubs was dying to try the fly board (basically the water sport from the future…! Hover shoes with jets of water coming down that propel you to the sky!). Plus, the gym was a floor-to-ceiling glass box which had epic views into the Indian Ocean, so it was no surprise the running and elliptical machines were pretty much always full. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work out to a view like that?

Maldives Club Med Kani

After a delicious all inclusive lunch that boasted fare from all over Asia, America and local Maldivian cuisine at the Velhi buffet restaurant, we decided to sign up for parasailing. Both of us had never done it before but figured it would be a great way to see the islands (there are over 1000 islands that make up the Maldives!) from the vantage point of… well, the sky! Not going to lie, I was definitely nervous being so far up but got to see the whole process via another couple who was on the boat with us who went first.

The G.O.’s that lead this excursion were extremely friendly (no surprise there, Club Med is synonymous with friendly staff!). What I loved about this trip is that we got to chat with locals and hear about their families and lives. It didn’t take long for you to feel welcomed and at ease. As we got strapped in, I definitely felt nervous but ready to fly into the sky! The whole process actually happens very calmly and slowly as the wind picks up the sails. You forget that you’re terrified of heights as you take in the amazing views and vastness of the ocean. As we gently and slowly drifted along, I felt my white knuckled grip on the harness loosen a bit as the hubs and I shared this special moment together. Definitely one of our top highlights of the trip!

Maldives Club Med Kani

We ended the afternoon with dips in the ocean which was equally refreshing and cool as it was spiky and painful to walk into. There are a lot of tiny but sharp shells along the beach that the staff at Club Med try to comb up each day (along with the seaweed). We made do and enjoyed the crystalline waters anyway (no complaints!). We sat by the beachside bar to dry off and watched the sun go down on the Indian Ocean, feeling pretty lucky to be there to witness it.

For dinner, we had the chance to check out The Kandu which is located right by the water and reservations have to be made a day in advance. A set dinner is arranged for the evening with wine pairings and the whole nine yards. Definitely a romantic setting compared to the more boisterous and family oriented Velhi restaurant.

Now it wouldn’t be a Club Med without it’s daily evening performances and shows! The Kandu was conveniently located right next to The Iru which is the outdoor bar that serves delicious drinks all day long. The party got started there and moved into the outdoor auditorium where G.O.’s and some G.M.’s performed some downright hilarious sketches, belted out some tunes and of course, dance moves. Having gone to Club Med in Sanya previously, I kind of knew what to expect. But since it was my husband’s first time, he was blown away and had a ridiculous amount of fun dancing along to what I can only describe as adult hip hop line dancing!

Maldives Club Med Kani

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Our stay at Club Med Kani was truly an unforgettable one. From the hospitality, to the amazing staff and, of course, the best #views anyone could ever hope to see. It’s really no surprise that Maldives continues to be the top holiday destination for both families and couples. We are already planning our next trip back and this time we’ll bring the kids in tow.


In this two-part series, watch this space as our editor travels to another Club Med resort in the Maldives that is tailer made for honeymooning couples. A whole new travel experiences awaits…!

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