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Cosmopolitan Hotel: A Family Staycation in the Heart of Hong Kong!

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If your busy family lives are spiralling out of control, a mini one-night staycation at a local hotel can go a long way in resetting the family harmony. What’s even better is when the hotel package caters to children! My family and I were recently able to trial the Cosmopolitan Hotel “Beyond Thoughtful – Family & Us” staycation package, and we give it a big two thumbs up!

Checking into a hotel with kids can sometimes be tricky. You never know if they will wait patiently and be kind, so little prayers are chanted that checking into your room is smooth and rapid. At the Cosmopolitan however, the check-in is when the hospitality begins. Instantly we were ushered over to the guest table where we could sit and relax. Moments later, an ice cream arrived with a basket full of presents for my daughter to choose from. Oh, the delight! She was set, and I was able to successfully check-in to our room without concern.


Upon opening the door to our room, we were once again surprised with special little treats: two little white teddy bears were sitting on one of the beds in our family quad room. (The Cosmopolitan teddy is actually named Jasper, and there was one each for my girl and boy.) Along with the stuffed animals, there were two snack boxes filled with treats that my children would enjoy—for the entire 24 hour stay! There was yet another hidden treat however! My daughter was busy investigating the entire space when she opened a drawer and found a note from Jasper, the Cosmopolitan teddy bear, with another healthy snack.

Snack box - small

It was evident that the Cosmopolitan cares greatly for children’s hygiene. Not only were there little notes of encouragement for our children to brush their teeth, but also two child toothbrush kits were included. The ultimate touch to our room was the Wii console. That was definitely a hit and a nice alternative to just vegging out in front of Cartoon Network. Finally, right before bedtime, we called for the Mobile Storybook Library. Shortly after our call, this cute little house with built-in shelves arrived, and the kids had plenty of books to choose from. There are definitely many detailed touches to the family package that make your child feel really special; the Cosmopolitan has figured out a way to make each kid experience a very warm welcome.


The family quad room was very nice as well with the usual amenities plus some. Of course, the sheets were beyond the soft yet crisp loveliness that I covet for my own bed but can never find. The room was spacious, even with the two queen beds, and the bathroom had a shower with a bath. The view was magnificent! It’s as if the Cosmopolitan is situated just far enough into the hillside to allow for a more expansive view. The best room feature was definitely the Handy Phone — this was unbelievable! Each room is equipped with a smart phone that is free to use out and about during your stay. It provides free internet around town plus calls to five countries for free: Australia, China, Singapore, United States, and United Kingdom. During our stay, we were able to take pictures, login to our social networks, search the internet and call the grandparents back in Seattle, WA!


There are a few different suite options to choose from when booking the family package at the Cosmopolitan. We stayed in a Family Quad Room and it was just right. There is also an Ocean Park Suite that is, yes, decked out in the décor of Ocean Park, from stuffed animals and toys to robes with the Ocean Park logo. When you stay in this room, you get free tickets to Ocean Park, which is situated just ten minutes from the hotel – a great option for families!

book library - small

Another choice is the Sony Suite. This room is filled with all the newest equipment from Sony, for those tech-savvy kids who love to be plugged in. The Toy Suite also sounds magnificent. It’s stuffed with toys for the kiddos and it’s age and gender appropriate. Whatever you choose, the staff at the Cosmopolitan definitely make sure to cater to your children. Finally, one super feature that is very important to a staycation is the flexi check-in. Since I checked in at 5, I could check-out at 5 the following day. This was really nice and gave us the luxury to enjoy our day how we best saw fit. Of course, part of the time was spent just chilling in the room playing more Wii because it was both cool and comfortable.


Ultimately, kids are at the forefront of the Family Package at the Cosmopolitan and this was extremely evident during our little staycation. The hotel and its staff do all that they can to make sure your child feels welcome and special. My son didn’t arrive until ten that night, yet he too was able to choose a present from the basket. After our mini vacation, he turned to me and said, “Sometimes it’s nice to stay in a hotel.” I think what he really meant to say was that it’s nice to stay in a hotel where your child is the focus and is made to feel very, very special.



  • Kids feel super special!
  • Lots of kid-friendly touches are included like toys, snacks and a mobile library
  • Kid-centered amenities in the room include a Wii console, presents and hidden treats
  • Easy check-in with a flexi check-out included
  • Ocean Park passes included with the Ocean Park Suite 

Cosmopolitan Hotel, 387-397 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 3552-1111;

For Family Packages, contact Wendy Mak at [email protected].

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