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Argyle Street

Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Stocked full of fresh fruit juices and staple Hong Kong street munchies, you may not be able to tell the name of each stall but look for stinky tofu (def not as bad as it smells, actually quite tasty! Fight me.), beef balls, shumai, turnip cakes, chicken wings, octopus and fish balls! Most come on a stick, so you can walk around haggling prices down and do bargain shopping at the markets all the while being a foodie haven. Fried veggies are also an option for fellow vegetarians so munch away. Argyle Street is incredibly hectic because it’s right there next to Ladies’ Market. Offal is also pretty good, do try and not let the nasties get to you- yes, it is a bowl of innards but very healthy and cheap priced at around $10.

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