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Top 5 Tips To Prepare For A Hong Kong Home Renovation

Home Renovation Hong Kong Home Makeover
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Planning a home renovation where you want to take full charge? It can be overwhelming not knowing how to start, or how to carry forward what you’ve started – mark down these tips for a helping hand!

Revamp your home with excitement! It’s finally time to fix those little quirks that have bothered you since day one. Not everyone has the opportunity to make such significant changes, so if you’re on this journey, we wish you the best! Whether you’re renovating a new house (congrats, Mama!) or personalising your rented space to suit your family’s taste and needs (we all have them), here are some tips and tricks into taking matters into your own hands and giving your home a makeover and renovation!

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Sassy Mama number peach 1Be Aspirational But Realistic

This truly is the fun part! Who doesn’t love daydreaming about transforming their home? Picture a modern townhouse, or perhaps an Italian villa, or a dreamy beach mansion. But in Hong Kong, reality may be more modest. Don’t worry about lacking grandeur or scenic views. Find inspiration in similar spaces to avoid disappointment.

Home Renovation Hong Kong Home Makeover

Sassy Mama number peach 2Make Your Home Work For You

First thing first: what do you need more than want? Consider your apartment’s functionality, larger homes sometimes have unused spaces. In Hong Kong, maximising usable space is key. Observe your daily routine to customise your home. And don’t forget your family’s needs too (where do the kids mostly hang out and what are their essentials?).

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Sassy Mama number peach 3 Space Out Your Space

Now you have thought about what you need from your home, translate that into the layout. Knocking down walls, even weight-bearing ones, is possible with the right support structures. Opening up space can transform small Hong Kong apartments. Have two tiny bedrooms? Transform it into one! Want a more breathable kitchen? Opt for an open kitchen (or semi-open in some cases), which also makes your living room look larger and also helps us keep an eye on our kids more easily.

Handyman Hong Kong Home Repairs Plumbers Drilling Carpentry Home

Sassy Mama number peach 4Do Your Research When Hiring A Contractor Or Builder In Hong Kong

A good rule of thumb is to get three quotations to choose from, and word-of-mouth always helps. Ask around, be it family members or friends who may have done home renovations of their own (or they know of someone!) and you may bag a good deal. And when you do land on a contractor, communicate, communicate, communicate! Clear communication helps you build a good rapport. These things often get overlooked when we are in unfamiliar situations, but they are never more important than when conveying your ideas to someone you don’t know well.

Visual images do heaps in helping contractors and builders understand your vision.

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Home Renovation Hong Kong Home Makeover

Sassy Mama number peach 5Experiment With DIY

While you could sign a package deal to have someone style, furnish and revamp your house, incorporating some DIY can not only save you some money but create memories to cherish with the family! You can have your kids’ artistic talents framed, browse through Hong Kong furniture stores to find the perfect pieces you want (and then assemble together as a fam!) and even try painting your own house – a self-made handyman (or woman)!

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Editor’s Note: “Top 5 Tips To Prepare For A Hong Kong Home Renovation” was originally published by Hannah Standring and most recently updated in September 2023 by Fashila Kanakka. 

  Main image courtesy of Dane Deaner via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of Brina Blum via Unsplash, image 2 courtesy of La Miko via Pexels, image 3 courtesy of Roselyn Tirado via Unsplash

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