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Tiny Bites: Clawing Our Way To Lobster Paradise at the Lobster Pot

lobster feast
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We’ve died and gone to Lobster heaven…

It’s a known fact that whenever the word “lobster” pops up anywhere near the office, I’m all ears… (and I guess tummy too!). So when I heard that Bisque had recently launched their more casual sister restaurant, Lobster Pot, I knew I had to try it!

first impressions

Located on the popular Ship Street, you’ll find many of Hong Kong’s hottest restaurants lined up along this short street in Wan Chai and right in the middle is Lobster Pot. The intimate takeaway style restaurant with a handful of bar seats and an outdoor patio made for two is the perfect little gem for lobster lovers.

With the takeout station easily accessible from right off the street, this place is great if you need to pick up comfort food in a hurry. We all know how time is money and efficiency key when you’re with a cranky baby! But if you’re with older ones who love to people watch or need a quick spot to grab lunch or dinner, this is the place for you.

The casual, laid back vibe coupled with the friendliness of the staff, makes this a fab neighbourhood spot for weekday lunches or the perfect after night out treat.

the food

Although it’s not a big space at all, what it lacks in size makes up in the service and affordability of the decadent protein made into your favourite comfort foods. Having been to Bisque, on a date night before, I was dying to try their more casual spot to satisfy that lobster fix.

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popcorn lobster bites

Lucky for me, I got to try a slew of their crowd favourites. First up, were the Popcorn Lobster Bites ($98) which was served up in a paper cup full of generous chunks of lightly battered lobster meat from Nova Scotia. The more popular cousin (in our opinion!) to popcorn shrimp, we’ve definitely found a new favourite dish. Dunk those gloriously fried bites into either the truffle mayo and/or cajun remoulade dip which was spicy and tangy.

lobster bisque

Next I tucked into the soul warming Lobster Bisque ($68) which had such depth and warmth to it (not to mention chunks of lobsters at the bottom of the bowl!). The creamy drizzle and finely chopped chives were instantly swirled into the rich bisque making it the perfect bowl of soup on a rainy day (which it happened to be the day I was there!).

lobster roll

The Classic Lobster Roll ($108) had heaps of lobster piled on but what truly makes a lobster roll, a lobster roll to me is the buttered bun. I wasn’t a huge fan of what kept the golden nuggets of lobs and lobster roe together; but a little birdie told me they’ll be changing that up soon so stay posted! Nonetheless, this classic was one of the first lobster rolls I’ve had in HK that didn’t skimp on the star of the show.

lobster poutine

The pièce de résistance and probably the most decadent and over the top dish was the Lobster Poutine ($98). Freshly steamed pieces of lobster on top a bed of crunchy-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside fries doused in the smoothest of gravies with melted cheese on top. But as a Canadian, I have the obligation to let you know that there were no cheese curds. And any good person from the Great White North will tell you that no Poutine is complete without cheese curds. Apparently very hard to find in Hong Kong, I didn’t let the lack of cheese curds deter me from devouring this.

the verdict

A great little spot that takes a traditionally decadent protein often eaten on special occasions and made accessible to the masses. And we’re not mad about it! The perfect place to nab an affordable and filling lunch to take back to work or home (or heck, even on a picnic!). And with their menus being updated, you’re bound to find something for the whole fam (lobster Mac N’ cheese is perfect for the kiddos!). Enjoy, mamas!

Lobster Pot3 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; 2511 1066,

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