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Sustainable Dining: Hong Kong Restaurants Saying “No” to Single-Use Plastic

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Sustainable dining has picked up its pace in recent years, Hong Kong is now home to handful of eco-friendly restaurants and here are some of our go-tos.

With the (warranted!) concern about our daily impact on the environment, it’s no surprise Hong Kong restaurants, bars and cafes are working to make sustainable shifts. Whilst we can all recognise the sheer amount of work left to do, we’re here to highlight some dining spots taking steps in the right direction. These Hong Kong restaurants are saying “no” to single-use plastic, and are doing their part to make dining out a little more eco-friendly. From repurposing food waste, to simply offering discounts for customers who bring their own containers, every initiative makes a difference…

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Green At Hotel ICON

It’s no surprise to hear that GREEN at Hotel ICON is promoting an eco-friendly stance on dining. GREEN is a chic spot for drinks and simple dishes (located under one of Asia’s largest vertical gardens), but you can head to Above & Beyond for Chinese food or International fare at The Market, and rest assured that the hotel is “Thinking Green”.

GREEN, Hotel ICON, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong,


Sustainability is at the front-front of this Michelin-starred Latin-American restaurant. Starting from the setting of the restaurant itself with energy-saving light bulbs and receipts printed on recycled paper (presented with an envelope that can be planted later at home!) to ensuring the ingredients are all ethically sourced, there are more reasons than one that make Mono a firm favourite.

Mono, 5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9726 9301,

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This vegetarian neighbourhood café serves fresh, healthy food using personally selected, privately farmed ingredients. Fresca makes sure ingredients are freshly harvested and if you pop over in the morning, you’ll catch daily deliveries being made to the restaurant. With a mission to reduce single-use plastic, the takeaway AND eat-in boxes are cardboard (wax lined), and the accommodating staff are happy for you to bring your own container.

Fresca, 54A, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong,

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Awarded both a two-Michelin star and a Green Michelin stars, Amber surely has to be one of the bucket list restaurants in Hong Kong. The innovative French cuisine circles around consciously-sourced ingredients and sustainability has been a tenet of Amber since its opening. From oil recycling to waste segregation and finding alternatives to single-use plastics, Amber has won multiple sustainability awards. What’s more, the menu here does not include any diary products to provide a lighter, more holistic dining.

Amber, 7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2132 0066,

Tate Dining Room & Bar

Flowers may look pretty, but have you ever thought about how many are thrown in the bin across restaurants, just because they no longer look fresh at the end of the day? Tate’s unique solution uses sweet potato leaves to add a little colour to the table, and is also limiting the amount of water used to wash tablecloths by laying out eco friendly alternatives that can instead be wiped clean! And forget buying plastic bottles of water, the resto filters its own glass bottles of still and sparkling water to bring to your table.

Tate Dining Room & Bar, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,

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Earning its Michelin Green Star, this list won’t be complete without a mention of Roganic, a modern British restaurant located in Causeway Bay. The ingredients are predominantly sourced from organic local and regional farms to reduce the carbon footprint and the team is constantly exploring new ways to minimise food waste and encourage others to compost. Also, if you’re on the lookout for affordable fine dining, Roganic is your answer (next date night idea, perhaps?).

Roganic, Sino Plaza, UG/F 08, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2817 8383,


The warm and inviting pescatarian eatery at Alexandra House in Central, Moxie is a great option for a quick breakfast or lunch. The eco-friendly restaurant aims to promote conscious dining through locally sourced ingredients and a focus on seasonally produce. Plus, the restaurant regularly composts food waste and other organic waste.

Moxie, Shop 203, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2718 8211,

Uma Nota

We love Uma Nota’s casual Japanese-Brazilian fare, and knowing that we can sip on a cocktail and munch on the delicious sharing plates, sans plastic, makes it taste that bit sweeter! All bags, takeaway containers and off-site catering use recyclable materials and utensils sourced from Vegware.

Uma Nota, 38 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong,

Beef & Liberty

You’d assume a restaurant with the word “beef” in the name would have a hard time positioning itself as eco or sustainable, but Beef & Liberty is taking multiple steps to pave a greener path in the city’s restaurant scene. It has made the change from plastic to recycled-paper packaging, and all of the locations currently use retro paper straws instead of plastic. Plus, this burger joint is the proud owner of an in-house water purification system and refills its own bottles, cutting down on the number of single-use bottles served.

Beef & Liberty, multiple locations in Hong Kong,

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Main image courtesy of Moxie, image 1 courtesy of Green, image 2 courtesy of Mono, image 3 courtesy of Fresca, image 4 courtesy of Tate Dining Room & Bar, image 5 courtesy of Roganic, image 6 courtesy of Uma Nota.

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