10 - 11 Oct‘15

Merlin The Magician

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“Arthur, the future king, is tutored throughout his childhood by Merlin.
Merlin teaches him ethics and morals,
hoping to make him the image of goodness and a perfect king.”
Dr Vicki Ooi, director of Merlin The Magician

The stories of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table have been passed down from generation to generation. The tales of the many obstacles Arthur faced to become King, along with his wise and loving guardian Merlin, have become legendary. Merlin was one of the most powerful wizards. He was an amazing sorcerer, prophet and tutor. Merlin the Magician will follow the wizard’s story and how he takes young Arthur under his wing and helps him to become a great leader. Join AFTEC for another exciting adventure full of enchantment and magic.

The cast (In alphabetical order): Mike Brooks, Andy Ko, Naomi Lawrence, Barry O’Rorke, Michael Sharmon, Amberly Sze

Tickets are available from Urbtix.

Event Price

Tickets are $150 and up.

Event Location

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre
111 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong