03 Nov‘17 - 10 Dec‘17

Secret Theatre x Project Mayhem Hong Kong

secret theatre project
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Do you have an appreciation for arts and drama and love a little thrill every now and then? Take part in this enjoyable, high energy hit of a dystopian underworld with the much loved Secret Theatre as they make their way back to Hong Kong. Their next offering will be an interaction of one of modern history’s most twisted tales of fraternity, violence and all-out psychological warfare. Project Mayhem will completely engulf its guests as part of the set and story, encouraging them along the way to interact with the characters and carefully-created surroundings. Step out of your comfort zone and into a marvellous fantasy as this production takes you to the wildest parts of town, giving you an immersive storytelling experience at a secret warehouse location.

“An enjoyable, high energy hit of dystopian underworld.” Londonist
“Flashes of anarchic brilliance” City AM
“Step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in this devilish, wicked and marvelous fantasy” Rolling Stone

Event Price

From $850 ($1600 with dinner by The Butchers Club)

Event Location

Secret Location, sign up for more info
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