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You’re Invited to the Sassy Mama Screening of The Helper Documentary

the helper documentary
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We’ve partnered with The Helper Documentary for an exclusive Sassy Mama screening

Our domestic worker expert, Mel from Helpwise gives us an in-depth look at the premiere of The Helper Documentary which took place several months ago. After the incredible response to the film, we are proud to announce that we have partnered up with The Helper Documentary and Commissary for a Sassy Mama screening with details below!

After much anticipation, The Helper Documentary premiered in Hong Kong on the eve of Mother’s Day several months back, a fitting nod to the sacrifice made by mothers who work abroad as domestic workers. With a red carpet theme and a tangible buzz in the air, the lobby of the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre filled up with guests and supporters. The stars themselves, the domestic workers, who were about to make their debut on the big screen, mingled and posed for photos.

Once the doors opened, I staked out some prime seats and settled in to watch the show. Producer Tony Verb kicked off the evening by expressing his appreciation to those who had enthusiastically supported the film, and then he took a moment to honour the director, Joanna Bowers, who– “speaking of Mother’s Day” – had become pregnant during the filming and (fun tidbit alert!) ended up giving birth on the night that the final scene of the movie was being filmed! After the short-but-heartfelt opening comments, the house lights were turned off and the movie began.

Although I was attending the premiere, as a professional seeking to discover more intricacies of this fascinating field that I work in, I somehow managed to get choked up during the opening scenes. Actually, it wasn’t even the “opening scenes” yet. It was just the B-roll footage for the opening credits! And I promise you, I’m not ordinarily an emotional person.  Yet, as the scenes of a helper brushing a child’s teeth and mopping a kitchen floor flashed across the screen, I reflected on the many everyday details and tasks that my helper has diligently done for our family over the years, and I realised that I was about to be both professionally and personally engaged in this documentary and the stories that it tells.

The film follows three profoundly different storylines: a helper who becomes pregnant and doesn’t know what to do once she gets terminated by her employer; a helper named Liza who became the first domestic worker to attempt to climb Mount Everest; and a singing choir of domestic workers who perform at Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s biggest music festival.

With captivating cinematography and a healthy combination of heroics mixed with everyday life, The Helper Documentary strikes a chord (no pun intended) in our hearts without preying on the emotional aspects in a patronising way. The realities of homesickness and the struggles that many domestic workers face are rightfully brought to the viewer’s attention; yet, these difficulties are also contrasted with the joy-filled moments of personal and public accomplishment, keeping the film upbeat while tackling a sensitive subject matter.

I highly recommend The Helper Documentary! Luckily for all Sassy Mama readers, we have partnered up with The Helper Documentary and Commissary for an exclusive Sassy Mama screening!

Sassy Mama PerkPlus, what’s a screening without some wine and nibbles? Our friends at The Commissary are offering one Gin Sour on their terrace before the preview screening for all those attending. After the screening, you can receive 10% off your bill for all Sassy Mama readers who went to see The Helper Documentary. Simply show your movie ticket to redeem your pre-movie drink and dining perk.

All the details…

Date: Tuesday, 10 October, 2017
Location: AMC Pacific Place, Theatre 4, Admiralty, Hong Kong
How much: $115, you can purchase your tickets here.

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