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Put Family Wellbeing and Security First with The Insurance Mole

insurance mole launch in HK
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No registration needed, no delayed response, no excuse…

Let’s face it – between last minute grocery runs and delayed dentist checkups, we’re lucky if we find time to shower in the morning. With a never-ending to-do list, we don’t always set aside time to tackle some of the most important things. Okay, we’ll cut to the chase – we’re talking about life insurance (hang on, it’s important!).

Look, we KNOW we should have life insurance, but for some reason we always put off getting it (guilty!). With the recent launch of The Insurance Mole, the biggest surprise we found is life insurance is actually easy to set up and (drumroll, please) affordable. The best part? Insurance Mole gives you an instant quote right on the spot

Here’s how reasonably priced it is: we looked at a 35 year-old, non-smoking male in Hong Kong applying for a $1,000,000 life insurance benefit. He only needs to pay $96 per month. That’s in Hong Kong dollars, mamas! Not a lot of money to pay for peace of mind.

Insurance Mole is Hong Kong’s first and only company offering life insurance premium quotes and comparisons INSTANTLY. Whilst competitors require parents to wait for an email quote, this new website (powered by Groveland Financial Services themselves) caters to our busy schedule. The Insurance Mole actually offers immediate quotes from various life insurance companies so you can find the best fit for you and your family. Choice and comparison – all without the headache of calling different providers and keeping track of emails! 

For many parents, life insurance is a taboo topic. Though it can be tricky to talk about, we can only make informed decisions if we know all our options. After all, the safety, wellbeing and security of our family will always be our top priority.

As an exclusive Sassy Perk, Groveland is offering 20% off select domestic helper insurance polices. To qualify for the offer, all you have to do is try out the Insurance Mole website for yourself! Simply submit your basic details here for your life insurance premium quote and use the Promo Code ‘SassyMama2017’, in the Notes section. They’ll then email you back to confirm eligibility for available offers. Valid until Sunday, 31 December 2017.

The first step is to shop around (sounds easy enough…) and generate your own premium quote. Ensure current stability and prepare for the future? Check! Next? Let the experts do their thing – we have enough on our plate. With no registration, no need to provide personal contact details, and no delayed response time, we have no excuse. It’s time to prioritise.

Brought to you in Partnership with Groveland Financial Services Limited (The Insurance Mole). Featured Image via Pinterest.

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