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Flawless – the coolest spa in Hong Kong

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Spas can be described in many ways – relaxing, serene, indulgent, luxurious – but I’m not sure there’s that many I’d describe as “cool”. Apart from Flawless that is.


Self-styled as Hong Kong’s first urban spa, Flawless has to be the chic-est pampering space I have ever set foot in. Whitewashed brick walls boast the slogan “It’s all in black and white”, colourful graffiti art splashes adorn the washroom and sleek brown leather sofas and chairs surround the area (with a couple of cool skull decorations on the shelves for good measure). Meanwhile, a hot pink door sits at the centre of it all, hinting at the enticing pampering rooms that lie within.

The best bit? A spacious outdoor terrace with yet more welcoming sofas, where Flawless will soon be serving up sushi alongside their signature treatments. Come autumn, I can think of no better place to enjoy an amazing and uber-relaxing mama lunch date!


Unlike most of the other one-stop shop spas in town, Flawless has decided to keep things simple, focusing on three main specialties – facials, make-up and mani/pedis – and lucky me, I was signed up to try two of the three!

First up, a Pedicure & Feet Intensive treatment, done in those squishy leather sofas with a calming cup of peppermint tea by my side. Using an array of Aromatherapy Associates products (including a particularly invigorating sea salt, coffee and grapefruit scrub), hot towel wraps and specialised massage techniques, my lovely therapist Nan restored my tired tootsies and lacklustre legs to something like normality. I was particularly relieved that she resisted the urge to strip my feet of an entire layer of skin courtesy of one of those evil-looking scraper things, declaring it unnecessary (my feet, usually left raw and red by trigger-happy local therapists, agreed!).

With a final slick of bright blue summer-ready nail polish (OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook – still going strong one week on!) and a speedy fan-drying session, I was then off for my Bespoke Facial with therapist Angela.


Rather than signing you up for a set facial where the various elements and products may or may not work with different parts of your skin, Flawless can instead carefully examine your complexion and adapt their facials to suit your needs. Angela quickly picked up on my tired eyes (“Do you spend too much time looking at computers?”) and noticed that I was rocking a simultaneously dry but clogged look, so she settled on a gentle extraction matched with ultra-hydrating, moisturising and brightening Aromatherapy Associates products.

Normally, I do at least try to stay awake during my treatments, so I have some memories fit for writing up! However, one look at Flawless’ sumptuously soft bed, and my body admitted defeat. Honestly mamas, this is absolutely the comfiest spa bed I have ever laid in. Layer after layer of super-soft plump mattresses, wonderful crisp white sheets and snuggle-worthy light fluffy duvets meant this was true Princess & The Pea stuff. I dreamily drifted in and out of consciousness as Angela performed a relatively painless extraction, then expertly deep cleansed, exfoliated and massaged my face, finally layering active serum, face oil and a treatment mask to totally recharge my skin. All this was topped off with a relaxing shoulder and head massage, before my pampering bliss finally drew to an end.

My face was left obviously brighter, plumper and clearer – no doubt helped by the near-hour of amazing shut-eye I had enjoyed. It was just the kind of rejuvenating session that my stressed out skin had been desperately in need of… Next time, I think I’ll be adding $400 for an extra 30-minute full-body massage to further prolong my bliss!


This brings me onto the only slight downside of Flawless – the prices. With most facials costing upwards of $1000, standard manis between $140-280 and pedis $250-400 (and that’s before you start factoring in the extremely enticing menu of add-ons), these are definitely hotel spa prices but without the sweetener of a hotel’s gym/heat/swimming facilities. Fingers crossed that they introduce some extra value spa packages here soon so I can make Flawless more a regular occurence rather than occasional treat!

Nevertheless, the high quality and specialist spa know-how is definitely there – and the luxury of that bed cannot be denied! Combined with the convenient Central location, the cool décor and the total pampering perfection on offer, Flawless is definitely set to become the hottest spa in town.

The Bespoke Facial costs $980 for 60 minutes; the Pedicure & Feet Intensive treatment costs $550 for 80 minutes.

Flawless, 4/F, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2869 5868


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