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Flower Child: Floral Jamming at Tallensia in Sheung Wan

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Looking for a new idea to get the kids’ creative juices flowing? Feel like Art Jamming is, like, soooo last year? Well, a brand new (and adorable) florist in Sheung Wan is bringing the concept of Floral Jamming to Hong Kong! Tallensia Floral Art is a little lime green burst of sunshine on a quiet backstreet, full of bright and breezy florals (no over-styled prissiness here – just country freshness).

Every Sunday from 3-6pm they host their Floral Jamming sessions which are HK280 including all flowers and materials. You can then take your work of art home with you to enjoy for the next few days (but mama won’t be stuck with a permanent piece that needs a home – hurray!)… Clueless when it comes to all things flowery? Designer Lowdi Kwan will be on hand to give you a little help if your fingers aren’t exactly green.

What could be more perfect on a Sunday afternoon, especially now the weather is so pleasant to be outside? Reserve your spot via email or phone call, or you can arrange your own private session at a time that works for you. Go for it petal.

Tallensia Floral Art, G/F, 6C Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, 2239 4300
email: [email protected]

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