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Sassy Mama Book Club: French Children Don’t Throw Food

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Forget the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. That was so last season! The latest on taming your enfants terribles is by Pamela Druckerman whose book, French Children Don’t Throw Food, is taking the parenting world by storm.

Learn the secrets of French parenting, from how to make children eat what is put in front of them, to how to encourage them to play quietly without constantly demanding their parents’ attention.

It is lighthearted, engaging, wittily self-deprecating, and with a few soupcons of well-placed advice — oh, and you might just want to move to Paris, if only to raise a bunch of little gourmet eaters who won’t balk at foie gras and runny camembert.

It’s available at Bookazine but you might want to hurry! We got word that they’re selling fast.

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