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Get a facelift with a V-Lift Facial at Aster Spring!

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Life in Hong Kong is good. We have a reliable MTR, beautiful outdoor areas for the kids, roof top bars for the mamas, and there’s always something to do — with the little ones, and without. But that doesn’t change the fact that being a mama is a busy, busy job, and sometimes that starts to show, particularly on our faces. Thankfully, Aster Spring, a Malaysian spa company, has come to our rescue with their newest treatment, the V-Lift facial. This service promises to lift, slim, and firm your face immediately, so you can continue to be the beautiful super-woman that you are!

Their Central location is a little sanctuary right in the heart of LKF. Just above Starbucks (post treat treat, anyone?), Aster Spring feels a world away from busy streets and responsibilities. Before the treatment, you’ll sit down with a specialist for a thorough consultation, where they’ll ask you questions about your skin type, life style and beauty routine. This time allows the lovely staff to craft the perfect experience for you out of their 200 treatment options! If you’re an acne sufferer, your consultant will get to the heart of your issue using a face mapping analysis developed by Dermalogica, which is a skin care line devoted to simple and effective products that are free from common irritants.


The changing area at Aster Spring is cosy and has everything you need: private lockers, outlets, a shower and a beauty station to touch up your makeup and hair so you can leave ready to get back to baby-business. Once you drop off your things, it’s facial time!

My aesthetician, Kiki, explained each step of the treatment, even down to the Dermalogica ingredients (which were refreshingly easy to pronounce, like ‘oatmeal’). After two thorough cleanses, an exfoliation and moisturising treatment, it was time for the extraction. Usually extraction is something to wince at, but thankfully, Aster Spring has created its own method that minimises discomfort and redness, so you no longer have to fear your facial! Or fear your children’s questions when you come home with little red marks all over your face…

What makes the V-Lift special from other procedures is that it uses a high frequency ultrasound machine to penetrate through the multiple layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage the skin to tighten and lift naturally. Before the ultrasound, a serum is applied full of all those wonderful anti-aging, skin-lifting things that dreams are made of. The ultrasound enhances the effects of the serum, allowing it to go deep into the skin, and making you even more gorgeous than usual. Kiki paused quickly halfway through the treatment so I could see the before and after – let’s just say I preferred the after! The skin around my eyes was lifted, my pores were tightened and my jawline was way more defined.


Each Aster Spring facial includes a light shoulder rub and at least one massage – either European or a pressure point – depending on what compliments your treatment best. The massages are there to stimulate blood flow and release tension, in addition to just being a lovely way to end your session.

The effects of the V-Lift were absolutely immediate. Right away I could see how much healthier and more awake my face looked, and the best part is that the effects can last up to two weeks. So if you think you may need a lift, treat yourself to a V-Lift facial! You’ll be the talk of the playground, mama!


The V-Lift facial at Aster Spring costs $1680 and lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Aster Spring, Room 801-2, 8/F, Century Square, 1-13 D’Aguilar Street, Central, 2115-9925; additional locations in Causeway Bay and TST here

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