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Healing children naturally – three common questions from parents in Hong Kong

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Keeping children healthy can be a challenge, especially if you are living in a city like Hong Kong. Health problems can leave even the most optimistic parent with worries.

These problems range from frequent colds, flu and weakened immunity, allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive disturbance and nutrition deficiency, to attention deficit and behaviour issues.

IMI believe that natural medicine is ideal for children because it is gentle, safe and effective. Here is our practitioners’ advice on some of the common health concerns from parents in Hong Kong.

Why is my child always getting colds and flu?

Your child’s immune system could have been compromised by frequent prescribed courses of antibiotics. Though effective at killing off bacteria, antibiotics also wipe out the good flora in the intestines, which is an integral part of the immune system. With each course of antibiotic, your child gets better but the immune system gets weaker. So your child is more likely to pick up the next bug passing around in school or playground. Another course of antibiotics may be given, and this leads to a vicious circle.

In natural medicine, many illnesses can be treated with herbs, homeopathy and supplements effectively, without compromising the bodies’ immunity. These natural remedies are also extremely effective at rebuilding the immune system after months of antibiotics and other medications.

What about behavioural issues and eczema?

Studies have shown a link between food allergies or intolerances and issues such as hyperactivity, attention deficits, dyslexia, restlessness and aggression. There is a gut-brain connection: gut infections allow increased level of toxins into the blood stream through the intestinal linings, and in many cases this affects the brain, learning and psychology. The inflammation could also travel to the skin, causing eczema.

Simple tests can reveal intestinal infections and IgG food intolerance in your child. Our practitioners can lead your child through an integrated program of removal, restoration and repair of the digestive system.

Is my child affected by stress?

Like adults, children can accumulate tensions in their body tissues, cranium, joints and organs. A newborn can develop certain restrictions through the course of pregnancy or during delivery. Everyday stresses, such as poor physical posture from sitting, illness, pressures at school and upsets at home also have their impact on movement, decreased function and pain.

Osteopathy, a gentle, painless and yet highly efficient soft tissue and cranial bone treatment, can enhance neurological functions and resolves the recuperative powers of your child’s body. By restoring the body’s balance in the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems, it gives a nerve-balancing support and help your child’s development, growth potential and coordination skills.

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