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Lose That Extra Baby Weight Gently And Easily With HYPOXI®

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A gentle and effective way to shed those pregnancy pounds

Nine months on, nine months off – that’s the logic behind how long it takes to lose weight after giving birth, right? Well, what if you could lose weight quickly and safely? HYPOXI®, a natural and gentle post pregnancy exercise solution, is a decades-old (that means tried and tested!) go-to for weight loss. We love that in just 30 minutes, you can get all the benefits of a more strenuous regime without having to do intense, difficult workouts. The experts at HYPOXI® know a woman’s body is fragile after giving birth, so they won’t be having you do high-intensity blasts of exercise. Instead, HYPOXI®’s low-impact exercises are gentle – but up to three times more effective at targeting fat loss than traditional exercises – which means you get the results you want, quickly.

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HYPOXI® is also scientifically proven to target those areas we are always complaining about – thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs (basically, everything that expanded during pregnancy!). Skeptical Mums who’ve used HYPOXI®’s programmes are raving about just how great it really is. Jane G., age 41 and mother of two, said she found it much harder to lose the extra weight with her second pregnancy, but decided to try HYPOXI® and was thrilled with the results.

“After 36 sessions I have lost a total of 5.5 kg and 49.1 cm in circumference  (measurement around waist, hip, thighs and knees) with a larger percentage coming off the hips and thighs,” says Jane. “I am now down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but the best thing of all is that my pre-pregnancy jeans are looser fitting around my hips and thighs than before – amazing!”

So go on, be like Jane and sign up now. New mums who sign up in March will get three extra training sessions!

Sassy Mama PerkSassy readers will also get a 15% discount on all training packages (ends 30 March, 2018; offer applies to packages between 12-36 sessions, not in conjunction with any other promotions).

Claim your FREE Trial Session with HYPOXI® today!

HYPOXI®, 8th Floor, EuBank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong; [email protected];

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