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Hong Kong’s Best Baby Changing Area In Town

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For as long as I can remember, I simply cannot bear public restrooms (what can I say— they’re just not my thing). As a general rule, when out and about I only use “tried and tested” washrooms that I know are clean or those trusted friends promise me are acceptable.  Naturally, my aversion towards public washrooms has carried over to public baby changing areas – and needless to say, most don’t pass muster!

Being, shall we say ‘preoccupied’ with the level of cleanliness of public washrooms and baby changing areas, I have a mental list of those that are suitable – and those that simply are not.  More often than not, the cleanest washrooms in Hong Kong are usually located in large shopping malls near the more trafficked MTR stations.  Among my most-visited are those in Festival Walk and IFC, where the baby changing areas are not only super clean but also come complete with individual breast-feeding rooms supplied with milk-warmers and wipes. (And, by the way, since these rooms are separate from the ladies’  toilets it means that Daddy can lend a hand, too!).  And for mummies of twins (like me!), note that they’re large enough for your huge twin stroller.

But as a connoisseur of baby-changing rooms, I have to the gold star goes to Elements. In addition to the necessary luxuries mentioned above, they also have a comfortable and elegant design, complete with comfortable benches and popular up-to-date magazines (!). Finally, a baby changing room that makes me enjoy the process of feeding and changing my baby!

And while you’re in Elements, don’t miss Metro books, on the second floor, which has a fabulous children’s reading area and a super selection children’s books and toys.

Yummy Mummy Contributor & Mummy of Twins, Ivy

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