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Improve Your Love Life this V-Day: Romance tips from a Feng Shui Master!

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Valentine’s Day is coming and what better time of the year to take a look at our love life and give it a little boost! No matter whether you’re in an existing marriage and just want to spice things up a little bit, or whether you’re a single mama in Hong Kong – classical Feng Shui is a great way to help foster harmonious relationships, enhance your attractiveness and improve your love life.

Feng Shui for Couples

Clearly, the bedroom is an important area of your home when you’re in a relationship. But in order to enjoy a healthy relationship with your loved one, make sure that your bedroom – and especially the bed itself – is free of any negative energies.

Here are a few simple Feng Shui ground rules for couples who wish to strengthen their relationship:

Avoid ceiling beams across the bed: Ceiling beams create aggressive Qi flow. This negative energy is forced downwards and onto the couple sleeping underneath it. Aside from nightmares and restless sleep, this can also lead to relationship stress and frequent arguments. The simple solution is to just move your bed from under the beam.

No water beds: Water is generally associated with Yang activities, whereas sleeping is a Yin activity. Sleeping in a water bed will negatively impact your long-term prosperity and harmony with your spouse, which is why water beds are generally not recommended by Feng Shui consultants.

Avoid room door pointing at the bed: If your bedroom door opens up directly onto your bed, the Qi entering the room through the door “crashes” into the bed. This is a very aggressive feature that will cause interrupted or bad sleep, as well as slowly destroy your love life (if it’s your master bed that is affected by this feature). Luckily, it’s also a very easy issue to solve – simply move your bed so that neither your head nor your feet are in direct alignment with the bedroom door. If you cannot move the bed to another position, then placing a screen between the door and the bed will also do the trick.

Neutralise the “Argument Star”: In the current Year of the Wood Goat, the Argument Star resides smack-bam in the center of your home. Very often the center of a house or apartment is where we find the living room or passageways to other rooms, i.e. there is a lot of activity, which enhances the dreaded Argument Star. This can wreak havoc on couples and create many pointless fights and discussions, causing much disharmony.

The best cure to weaken or neutralise this star is to place an oil lamp or some candles in the center of your home and keep them burning. If this is not possible, you can also put a big red rug or carpet in the center of your home.

Bring the spark back: In the Year of the Wood Goat we find that the star that relates to passion and celebration resides in the Southwest corner of your home. Stand in the center of your home with a compass in hand to see where that Southwest corner is located – and then either sleep in this area or spend a lot of time there with your spouse. You will find that this will bring back a little bedroom magic!

Feng Shui for Singles

For single mamas looking to find the right one this year, you’ll need to be a little bit more proactive to improve your relationship luck! If you’ve been having trouble finding love lately, here’s how to activate your personal “Peach Blossom Star” at home to make things happen. In order to do so, you will need:

  • A simple compass
  • The floor plan of your house or apartment (hand drawn is fine!)
  • Your Chinese zodiac sign

Once you’ve got all this, follow these very simple steps:

Step 1: Identify your Chinese zodiac sign (or animal sign). Using the table below, locate the direction where your personal Peach Blossom Star resides:

Your Chinese Zodiac Peach Blossom Star Direction
Monkey, Rat, Dragon Rooster Direction: 277.6 – 292.5 degrees
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit Direction: 82.6 – 97.5 degrees
Pig, Rabbit, Goat Rat Direction: 352.6 – 7.5 degrees
Snake, Rooster, Ox Horse Direction: 172.6 – 187.5 degrees


For example, if you were born in the year of the Snake, your Peach Blossom Star resides in the Horse Direction, spanning 172.6 – 187.5 degrees on your compass.

Step 2: Refer to the floor plan of your house or apartment and mark the approximate center of your apartment on the floor plan.

Step 3: Now find that central point in your actual house or apartment and stand there with your compass. Looking at your compass, find the Peach Blossom Star Direction in your residence and identify the corresponding area in your home.

For example, if your Peach Blossom Star direction is Horse (172.6 – 187.5 degrees on your compass), this may cover a corner of your living room and some of your kitchen.

Step 4: Place a transparent glass vase with clear water and several bamboo stems in this area.

Make sure that the water is always fresh and not stagnant, as dirty water will lead to complicated or negative relationships – not something we want to attract!

Now lean back, get a nice manicure and wait for romance to blossom.

Wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day & a romantic Year of the Goat!




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