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Instant Goddess goes glam with AURZA, CHICAMEO and Aly & Rachelle

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The saying “a bit like buses” springs to mind this week… you wait and wait and then not one but three new collections come along all at the same time to tantalise those shopping taste buds. And what’s more, they’re all collections from homegrown local talent available on our very own doorstep… instant gratification here we come.


Photo 1 aurza-lady-in-fabulous-dress (1)
Coco sheath dress
$2,200 – AURZA

So, when I said I was going for a body scan the hubby looked somewhat perplexed thinking that I was off for another CT scan. I quickly reassured him that this time it was all in the name of fashion research and nothing to do with my recent health scare. I had been invited by the lovely ladies, Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephens, behind new bespoke label AURZA to come and have a body scan in order to design a customised dress.

Fed up with never being able to find decent clothes in Hong Kong that fitted their Western figures properly, Steph and Jess decided to take matters in to their own hands and have come up with an online service offering bespoke, tailor made dresses at affordable prices. Inspired by traditional couture but combined with cutting edge 3D pattern technology (that’s where the body scans come in), AURZA promises no more compromises, only clothes of superior fit and quality.

I was instructed to strip down to my underwear for the body scan and there I was thinking, “Substantial pants, substantial pants, oh why didn’t I wear substantial pants this morning?” But as my post-op paunch appeared on the big screen in AURZA’s office for all to see, I realised I’m really doing my bit for fashion research, lending my vital stats to AURZA’s databank scanned from over 10,000 women. They’ve collated all these body scans, many from the often overlooked 30+ age group, to come up with patterns that truly reflect real women. This ensures that once you input your measurements into the AURZA website, they’ll have the right pattern for you, so that dress really does fit like a glove.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashion designer, you’ll love this site. You can play around with the interactive features to choose your favourite silhouette, change the neckline, sleeves or skirt, choose the colour and print of your fabric and add details such as a belt or a trim. The end result? A handmade garment exclusively for you!

Photo 2

If you’re more of a try before you buy type of gal, AURZA can also come to your house. With their party plan, every host gets 50% off a custom-made dress of their choice… this has the makings of a fun girl’s night in! AURZA promises personalised style and colour advice while you and the gals try on a range of gorgeous dresses, all in the comfort of your own home.

So, back to my dress, I’ve come up with this below: light and breezy for the hot HK summer with a zesty, busy print to mask any unsightly sweat (yes an Instant Goddess does occasionally break into a sweat) and hopefully a cut that is kind on the post-op paunch…

Photo 3 (1)

Elle shirt dress –  AURZA


If you’re an Instant Goddess regular you may recall Cameo, a local label by Scandie design duo Pernille Holmboe and Tale Ovstebo. Cameo has undergone a re-launch and now become CHICAMEO, boasting better fabrics and an improved design process whilst holding true to its vision of timeless designs with a clear focus on eye catching embellishments and bold colour. CHICAMEO’s items are sold in limited editions to ensure that unique look and feel. This is what got the Instant Goddess shopping antennae twitching for more…

1 ChiCameoCollage1From left to right: Chic electric cocktail $2,699, Baroccan summer dress $2,299, White Moroccan rose dress $2,199 – CHICAMEO

And on closer inspection… note the hot pink stone embellishment around the neckline and that gorgeous exposed full length zip detail at the back of the white Moroccan rose dress.

2. ChiCameoCollage2

Instant Goddess also loves the eye popping colour and bold shoulder embellishment of the chic electric cocktail dress below.

3. ChiCameoCollage3

And for everyday chic it has to be the Baroccan summer dress below with its gorgeous print and colour palette that simply sings off the page.

4. ChiCameoCollage 4

Aly & Rachelle

Again regulars may recall Aly & Rachelle, another local label, founded by Christine Lam, who drew her inspiration from a fascination with (fictional) identical twins – and how two people can look so similar but have totally distinct personalities and individual styles.

Aly is the slightly elder of the two twins, and she has the darker personality, favouring edgier, sexy looks; whereas Rachelle is the younger of the two, with a certain purity and innocence about her favouring a more dreamy, feminine look. The theme runs throughout the collection, but who are you? Aly or Rachelle?

This time ALY & RACHELLE is not only back with a new collection but also a wonderful new shop space in the up-and-coming, trendy PMQ complex. Here are the designs that caught the Instant Goddess ever roving eye….

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.09.32 PM

Gia dress $1,480 – Aly & Rachelle

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.14.34 PMGail skirt $998 with Georgina top $748 – Aly & Rachelle

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.21.22 PM

Becky Top $1,370 – Aly & Rachelle

Midweek Meal Inspiration


This week it’s Baked Eggs Florentine courtesy of those fabulous cooks over at Good Housekeeping in the UK where they’ve turned a brunch classic into a comforting midweek meal. With its crème fraiche, wholegrain mustard, spinach, potato and egg combo, what’s there not to like? And who knows the sun might even shine again one day.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “Love all, respect all, experience all”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Well experienced in rain”.

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it.


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