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Kids on Roof Playhouses now at Petit Bazaar

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We all want to spark our childrens’ imaginations, and if it’s possible to do that while being eco-friendly at the same time, so much the better! That’s why we’re loving these new Playhouses made of recycled paper from Kids on Roof, a Dutch brand that’s now available at Petit Bazaar. They come in two styles – the Casa Cabbana  (above HK400) is big enough for little ones to actually crawl inside, and the Recycle! Green (below HK230) is designed for kids to be able to use like a traditional Dollhouse, though this kind isn’t just for girls! The kids can decorate them to their hearts content with paints, pens and fabrics, or if you’re a minimalist mama, you’ll love the clean look that doesn’t clutter up your living room.

Best of all of course for us in our Hong Kong apartments, when they’re no longer the flavour of the month, you can fold them down to tuck away in a cupboard to be “rediscovered” at some point in the future. They’re also sturdy enough to survive being popped on a balcony for a day or two for outside fun (though probably won’t do too well with all the rain we’ve been having lately!).

Find them at:

Petit Bazaar, 9 Gough Street, NoHo or 80 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, 2543 8445

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