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Join Hong Kong Academy For An Insightful Evening With An Expert In EdTech

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 Join the HKA team and Dr Ruben Puentedura and learn how a healthy engagement with technology can support your child’s learning.

At IB World school, Hong Kong Academy, the teaching staff and faculty are not only committed to providing an engaging and dynamic learning experience for its students, but it’s also committed to empowering the greater community. The school believes that everyone is a lifelong learner – and we agree! So from the students to the teachers, parents and staff at HKA, learning is for everyone, because we’re never too old to pick up something new!

Plus, in this day and age, parents need to be paying attention to what’s available to their kids, and how we can best support them through their own endeavours. There’s a lot to keep up with for sure, but Hong Kong Academy is here to help. Get started with your own extracurriculars and book your ticket to attend the HKA Community Showcase presented by Dr Ruben Puentedura.

The HKA Community Evenings consistently bring leaders and experts from various disciplines to share their thinking and knowledge with those within the HKA community and beyond. Dr Ruben Puentedura is the creator of the SAMR model for technology in education, and you’re invited to join him in what is set to be an inspiring and insightful evening for parents and educators alike. The SAMR Model, in very basic layman’s terms (you’ll get a better explanation at the event, we promise!), is a framework that categorises four different degrees of technology integration in the classroom; Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. The different levels within the framework can be used in various ways, across disciplines, and act either to enhance traditional teaching methods or to offer entirely new learning experiences, that have not been possible until now.

Parents are constantly bombarded with conflicting advice on how to effectively manage tech and screen time. So, it’s understandably difficult to know how we can positively and purposefully incorporate educational tech in school and at home. Dr Puentedura is one of the world’s leading experts in educational technology, so you’ll be learning from the very best.

At HKA, learners develop an evolving understanding of our ever-changing world, leading them to engage in responsible action motivated by their interests, strengths and ongoing reflection. So you can expect plenty more fascinating sessions like this, for learners of all ages, to come.

Sassy Mama Perk The event is free for HKA families to attend. If you’re visiting Hong Kong Academy for this specific talk, tickets cost $150 but Sassy Mama readers can get a special 50% discount! Use the code Sassy50 to claim your discount now.


When: Thursday 15 November, 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: Hong Kong Academy, 33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong
RSVP: Click here to book your tickets.
Contact: 852 2655 1111, [email protected],


brought to you in partnership with Hong Kong Academy: all images are courtesy of Hong Kong Academy.

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