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Effective Learning Habits: Kumon Gives Kids A Competitive Edge With Critical Thinking & Self Learning Skills

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Rote learning is out the window! Kids need excellent communication and analytical skills and to be self-directed learners.

Teaching has come a long way since most of us were at school. It’s no longer just about absorbing the curriculum facts and regurgitating them back articulately. When your kids are a little older, no matter which school they’re at, they will be required to do their own research, analyse data, and manage their own time and studies. So how do you encourage these skills from an early age?

Self-directed learning can be taught. It’s something that the Kumon Method has been specialising in since its inception in 1958. After 60 years of development, Kumon is now in 50 countries worldwide. If you’re keen to get your kids started in upping their academic game, you’re in luck ‘cos Kumon Maths, Chinese, and English are available right here in Hong Kong (and Macau, too!).

Kumon English class

The Kumon Method fosters kids to be:

Excellent communicators:

The Kumon Method supports students in their learning by allowing them to excel in language (whether it’s in Chinese or English) so that they can eloquently communicate their analytical thinking and make persuasive arguments.

Self-learners that can manage their own time:

Kumon teaches kids how to manage their own time and gets them into a good self-study habit. Students are encouraged to set aside a fixed time for studying Kumon every day, which sets a good foundation for managing time and studies going forward (a skill many university students realise too late!). Kids who adopt this self-induced schedule early on benefit from a good balance between managing their assignments and other activities.


Kumon teaches language, analytical and critical thinking skills beyond students’ school grades. This head start gives kids a real edge and boosts their confidence in the classroom and beyond, allowing them to really bloom.


Kumon subjects:

  • Kumon English language: Students learn proficiency in English through phonics, relatable stories and songs with enriching vocabulary. The Kumon Method focuses on all-round language abilities from listening to reading, speaking, writing, as well as critical thinking.
  • Kumon Chinese (Putonghua) language: Standard Hanyu Pinyin is taught with the help of engaging nursery rhymes and classic Chinese poems, with folklores woven into each lesson. There is a focus on the order of strokes of Chinese characters, sentence structures, vocabulary as well as an individual student’s ability to grasp the main theme of articles in Chinese.
  • Kumon Maths incorporates worksheets and fun magnetic number boards to engage the students with a focus on analytical, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.  The “leapfrog” programme aims to teach Maths up to high-school level in the shortest possible time.

It’s never too early to sign your kids up to be a critical thinker of tomorrow! Children over the age of three are now eligible for registration. Get in touch with your nearest Kumon Education Centre and you’ll be offered a free diagnostic test where instructors can assess each child’s learning ability and needs, to tailor-make a unique individualised study progress plan.

Kumon: more than 170 Kumon Education Centres across Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, Outlying Islands and Macau, 2890 6533, 6318 3128 (WhatsApp), [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with Kumon: all images courtesy of Kumon.

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