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Give Your Kids A Headstart On Their Emotional Learning

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Social and emotional skills need to be taught, just like reading, writing or riding a bike! Give your kids a headstart on emotional learning with the Emomo Kit — Hong Kong’s first emotional education toolkit.

We’ve all been there, your child is having a meltdown of epic proportions (probably in the middle of the MTR or supermarket). While we are summoning all our strength to keep our cool, we’re also wondering if there was something, anything, that could just help them calm down. But emotional regulation is not something that’s simply picked up along the way during childhood.

The Emomo Kit by Learning Time uses play-based activities to help children as young as 2 years old recognise and name their emotions, the first step in regulating those big feelings. It’s not all about preventing tantrums either (although a definite perk!). Focusing on your child’s emotions can help improve mental health, academic performance, and most importantly, set your kids up to establish positive relationships.

The Emomo Kit includes:

  • An adorable Emomo plush toy that is reversible so your child can show happy and sad feelings
  • Three Emomo story books that introduce the character, different feelings and demonstrate how to cope with anger
  • A Feelings Poster and a Feelings Activity Board to help your child name and demonstrate their emotions
  • Calming blocks
  • A Thinking Journal
  • A Parents Guide to help you learn all about how to help your little one with their emotions

Purchase your Emomo Kit for your children today (don’t forget to claim your Sassy Mama discount!) and Learning Time will pay it forward by also donating kits to low-income families in Hong Kong.

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Use discount code SASSYEMOMO for 10% off your first purchase from Learning Time.

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  This article is in paid partnership with Learning Time. All images courtesy of Learning Time.

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