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That Mama: Fanny Moizant Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective

fanny moizant
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Hong Kong newcomer, entrepreneur and mama to two girls… meet Fanny Moizant

Growing up in the South of France and then pursuing a career of fashion in Paris, our newest That Mama, Fanny Moizant has always had a love for beautifully curated clothing and accessories. This love eventually evolved into a business idea in the same industry. Crediting her family for her passion of entrepreneurship, she stepped out in faith and co-created Vestiaire Collective. An online high-fashion shopping site full of pre-loved luxury items. Since moving to Hong Kong a short three months ago, Fanny shares her passion for carving out her own path in her new home, what she admires most about both her daughters, Louise and Jeanne and how she stays organised in the midst of balancing career and family life.

fanny moizant

Tell us about yourself and how you found yourself in Hong Kong.

I’ve just arrived to Hong Kong three months ago after living for four years in London. Hong Kong is treating me super well so far. I am lucky to be living in a wonderful place with a stunning view from day to night. I am the co-founder of Vestiaire Collective. I grew up in the South of France and started my career in fashion in Paris. I followed my gut to become an entrepreneur, just like my parents and brother. I have two kids, Louise who is 11 and Jeanne who is now 10.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, driven and curious.

fanny mirrored wall

Tell us how you got into the world of fashion.

As a teenager, I worked in my Mum’s shop where I first fell in love with the fashion, as well as the business side. After six years of working in a home decoration company and becoming a mother I reshuffled my priorities. I suddenly felt the need to connect to my roots and passion, which are entrepreneurship and fashion.

fanny reading

How did the idea of Vestiaire Collective come about?

I have always been deeply passionate about being an entrepreneur, I think it lies in my family’s DNA. I specialise in fashion marketing and worked for several brands such as John Galliano, Dim and Mexx. After giving birth, I decided that I want to work for myself and launch a business. The idea for Vestiaire Collective (Editor’s note: buying and selling pre-loved luxury fashion) came to me one day when I was reading the French press. Interestingly, my brother’s friend was also working on a similar idea, so we decided to join forces. We merged the two concepts and launched Vestiaire Collective. Now we have six co-founders with very different backgrounds. Two of them are the tech guys and another one is doing logistics. I leave the more corporate aka boring stuff to the guys.

fanny by headboard

Why do you think resale and consignment shopping is on the rise?

It answers a lot of needs. It is one of the best sustainable answers to the pollution problems of the fashion industry. But on a consumer stand point, it is a smart way to access luxury items at a cheaper price, as well as a great and fun way to detox your wardrobe while buying quality new pieces.

What were some challenges you faced when launching your own business/passion project?

The main challenge came from the fact that we were inventing a new model whilst growing quite fast at the same time. You constantly need to adapt.

fanny sitting room

What has been your most memorable collaboration and why?

The Toni Garrn supermodel charity sale that just recently finished. It was an incredible experience giving back through Toni and her celebrity friends, who generously donated their pre-loved fashion items to help make a difference by empowering girls in Africa.

What are your top three favourite brands and why?

  1. Blaze Milano for their incredible and very chic suits jackets.
  2. Rejina Pyo, a London based young designer for her dresses.
  3. Hermès, since I am dreaming of a Hermès Kelly blue navy bag.

fanny's living room

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I only really shop online. The first place is always Vestiaire Collective, then Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, The Modist and Browns Fashion.

What would we find you wearing on a typical day at work and with the kids?

My uniform typically consists of a pair of high-waisted jeans, a Breton top or a shirt or simple cashmere sweater. Depending on the mood or the agenda, I will choose a pair of Gianvitto Rossi heels, Church’s flat boots or some sneakers from Vans or Saint Laurent.

fanny and jeanne in kitchen

Describe a typical day in your life.

I wake up at 6.30am and I treasure breakfast alone with my girls as my husband is already gone for work. I am at work by 8:30am/9am. My days are usually hectic and I tend to be in back-to-back meetings, interviewing  candidates (as I am building a team here), influencers chats, business partners… Days are quite long here in HK, as from 4pm onwards I can finally speak with my teams in Europe. That time is precious, so I continue my meetings via Skype until late. My current set up doesn’t really leave me a lot of space for any social gathering, but I try to attend a few events or dinners. I love meeting new people, so it’s always a pleasure.

fanny collage

If you could choose a new career what would it be and why?

I would love to become a chef or a photographer because I am passionate about both. It helps me to relax and cool down after a hard day.

fanny, jeanne, cat, bed

What are some of your organisational tips and tricks? How do you get in that “me” time?

As I am obsessed with food, I want my family to eat fresh organic and healthy food everyday. I make the meals for my family for the whole week on Sunday. For the rest, I try to delegate the small things like running to the post office in order to get some ME time. But honestly it happens very rarely. I used to get a one hour massage every Sunday night at home while in London. That was fantastic, I need to bring that habit back!

How has being a mom changed the way you view your professional life?

Becoming a mum gave me such incredible energy. Suddenly, I was capable of lifting mountains. I felt the need to do something more “for me” as well as being able to keep a part of me for my daughters. Becoming an entrepreneur really ticked those two boxes.

fanny and jeanne on chair

What do you find to be the most rewarding and the most challenging part of parenting?

It is always challenging for all working mums to find the right balance between long working hours, family time and being a wife. The most rewarding part is seeing my daughters becoming little adults, developing their own characters, taste and their critical sense. At 10 and almost 12, it is really a wonderful age where you can interact, share and have fun with your children.

jeanne collage

How are all your two girls different and what do you love uniquely about each one?

They are completely different. Louise, is almost 12 and is more quiet, introverted and intellectual. She is a reader and is always in her dreams. She has a great taste in fashion and decoration. I love how she can come across very sensitive, but is actually super strong on the inside. Jeanne is the opposite, it’s all about gymnastics and practicing any kind of sport. She is super dynamic and very creative too, she is a pro at making slime (if you don’t know what slime is, you don’t have a 8-14 year old kid!). I admire her energy, but I know it is hiding a very sensitive character.

I get on very well with the both of them. I love how they are already little business ladies; they are always selling something, whether online or to their friends. In London, they use to sell homemade cookies and lemonade on the street in front of our house.

fanny and jeanne sitting at kitchen

Where are your favourite spots to eat at with your family in Hong Kong? If your daughters could choose a restaurant in Hong Kong to eat at, what would it be?

I have a few favourites: my French favourite is Stan Café in Stanley obviously (they sell also amazing bread, cheese, pastries…), definitely my daughters favourite too. I am also a fan of Rokkaku, a small Japanese restaurant in Wanchai that one of my friends introduced to me. But my favourite place of all is SEVVA in Central. I love everything there, from the food, to the art, to the cocktails and the incredible terrace. Bonnae Gokson (the owner of Sevva) is one of the first people I met before arriving in Hong Kong. I love her, she is a strong headed and talented female entrepreneur.

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fanny and jeanne living room

Favourite family weekend activity in Hong Kong?

We love hiking in Hong Kong. It is such a treat to be able to spend a few hours together as a family and actually encourages us to speak more than we usually do.

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What’s the best advice you’ve received as a parent?

Never give up. As parenting is the hardest job on earth, it can only work if you are persistent in not twisting the family rules or guidelines that are important. Consistency is key!

fanny, jeanne bedroom

Something that you wish someone had told you about motherhood?

That it comes with a lot of doubts – constantly wondering if you are on the right path.

What has been your most humbling moment as a mum?

When Louise was three days old, she was very sick and needed the doctor’s attention. I felt useless, devastated and very humbled all at the same time that this little life was fighting to live.

fanny, jeanne, cat, together

As a mama, I wish I were better at…

Being a little more strict, as I am mainly the cool mum.

I wake up in the middle of night thinking about…

My endless to-do lists…

Bedtime is always smoother when…

The day has been a positive one, at work or at home. Good mood is the key to good sleep.

My favourite moment of the day is…

Drinking a glass of rosé wine in front of the Hong Kong sunset with my husband and my girls (while staying close to my iPhone for emergency emails!).

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