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My Mama Wardrobe: Jaime from Smudge

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As well as being a mama to daughter Isla, Jaime is an amazing makeup artist, beautifying Hong Kong one girl at a time under the moniker Smudge Make Up Artistry! She specializes in Bridal, Portrait and special event makeup – you can contact her by emailing [email protected] if you fancy learning a few tricks of the trade! We asked Jaime about how she stays stylish as a mama, and she tells us about her struggle to find clothes that work for her curves, and why she’s excited for Forever 21 to arrive in Hong Kong…

What is a typical day in your life like?
Everyday of the week varies for me depending on my work schedule. Whether I am with my daughter, Isla, at swim lessons or Kindermusik in the morning, or at a photo shoot in the afternoon… It seems I always end up at Bumps to Babes most days, is that normal?!

What is your go-to style/uniform?
8 years as a fashion designer and make-up artist, with four years in the Hong Kong heat and yet I’m still trying to find my hot weather style. My ‘go-to’ outfit would always be skinny jeans and a white tank/tee, either paired with gold sandals or fun flats. I would add a tuxedo jacket, heels, and some fun jewelry in the evenings. Right now, in this weather though, I’m experimenting with shorts and light summer blazers.

What always makes you feel good when you wear it?
Definitely High High heels! Though, they only come out after dark and only if I will be taking a taxi. Oh, and RED LIPSTICK! It brings out my alter ego.

How do you dress in the evening versus the daytime?
I definitely dress up more at night. I love the actual getting ready part just as much as going out sometimes. I start with my make-up and work my outfit around that. You know, I find going up and down the Hong Kong hills pushing a pram in the heat of the summer very discouraging when it comes to daytime fashion. I focus on comfort most days if I am not working. I shop for fun items to wear on the nights out!

How has being a mama changed your personal style? (If it has!)
The only reason it has, is that I can’t wear most of my old wardrobe yet, even one year after giving birth. If I am honest, my pre-baby body is still a number of pounds away….and until I can reach my goal, the mini-dresses and this season’s amazing little rompers, may have to wait a little longer.

If you could change one thing about your wardrobe/style, what would it be?
I have a tendency to shop often, and spend money on lots of trendy and disposable items. My new goal is to save up and purchase some good investment staples. I would love to have some beautiful things to pass down to my daughter when she is older.

What are you always searching for?
Because of my curves, I am always searching for a pair of jeans that fits both my waist and my hips, with out sliding down all day. I also always have an eye out for blazers, scarves and necklaces. I have more of those three items in my closet than anything else!

Where do you shop in Hong Kong?
It’s no secret that the average woman in Hong Kong struggles to find affordable fashion. Then when you do, it’s a challenge to find something that’s not bedazzled or that is even carried in your size!  I definitely hit up the likes of Zara and Club Monaco, and love browsing the boutiques in Happy Valley and Wanchai. BUT, I always stock up on cute things when I go home to the U.S. and I am super psyched about the new Forever 21 coming here. Though most things there are probably not age appropriate for me these days, who cares, I love the feeling of finding an awesome top or necklace in a sea of bargains.

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