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Meet Sassy Mama’s New Senior Editor, Roxanne Dowell

Roxanne Dowell
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The Year Of Sassy Mama

Hi, readers! I’m so excited to start a new month here at Sassy Mama. You may have seen my face over at Sassy, where I was also the senior editor and oversaw the Eat & Drink and What’s On sections, but now that our beloved mama, Kat Lau, has left to pursue her personal goals, I’ve taken on the challenging and thrilling job of heading Sassy Mama. And, boy, do I have some fab ideas to share with you!

Roxanne and family

But first of all, who am I to take on this role? To begin with, I’m the mum of two strong-willed, fiercely independent girls (Lily, age 15, and Aimee, age 13) who have taught me a LOT about parenting (I’m still working on perfecting it). Before I was a mum, I was a tour publicist for some high-profile bands (Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Counting Crows, to name a few). I also worked as a journalist (for six years in Cairo, Egypt, as an editor and reporter for local magazines and newspapers), and, after I got married and had my first child, I was a stay-at-home mum (toughest job EVER!) until my girls were old enough to attend school full time. Fast-forward to a year ago, when my husband, Drew, got assigned a job here, and you’ll see it was then that I found my dream job: working at Sassy Media Group.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to any of you how amazing this gig is. For one, I get to work with some really cool women who have taught me a lot about what it means to be a third culture kid and a locally raised kid. And aside from my ever-expanding waistline (they don’t call it the Sassy Stone for nothing), I really love being able to try out the latest bars and restaurants, spas, makeup, and pretty much anything Hong Kong related that a gal could dream of. Yeah, I know. My life is rough. #diditforsassy

Roxanne and girls

With this new job comes some thought-provoking challenges – we aim to make 2018 the Year of Sassy Mama. We want to bring you all the content you love and enjoy (including That Mama, That Papa and The Bump, more travel ideas for you and your family, fabulous new restaurants to try, school information and more), and we’re adding a couple of new sections to make navigating our chaotic city even easier.

Starting next week, Sassy Mama will have a What’s On section highlighting all the great things to do (with and without your little ones), as well as a more extensive Parenting section, which will address issues by age (because babies don’t stay infants forever!). And because it’s hard enough squeezing families into these tiny flats, we will have a Home section to offer organisational tips and tricks and style ideas. Trust me, you’re going to love what we have in store for you.

Of course, you guys are our first priority, so if you have ideas you’d like us to cover, please contact me at [email protected] and tell me. Until then, I look forward to rising to the challenge. Stay tuned!

All images courtesy of Roxanne Dowell.

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