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What Happens When A School Prioritises Kindness and Technology-Enabled Learning

one world international school singapore
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While academics are essential, One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus* is opening with a more simple philosophy in mind — a holistic learning approach driven by technology and founded on OWIS values of kindness and compassion.

One World International School is set to open its third campus in August 2023, following the long-running success of its two existing schools. While academics are essential, this Singapore international school prioritises a well-rounded, holistic curriculum that is vital to nurture socially responsible, compassionate global citizens. Discover the profound impact of prioritising kindness and compassion in education, amplified by the integration of technology-enabled learning.

one world international school singapore

One World International School Digital Campus*

The new campus is all set to welcome its first cohort of students (subject to regulatory approvals) later this year. It will begin with Early Childhood through to Grade 8 (students aged 3 to 14), with higher grades added each year. OWIS Digital Campus* will offer state-of-the-art facilities and embraces the power of technology to provide students with access to age-appropriate devices, apps and learning tools that support individual learning styles. While mastering the use of technology is vital, it is mastering responsible online behaviour that is taught as the key to becoming a digital citizen.

one world international school singapore

Where Are One World International School Students From?

OWIS Digital Campus* is set to be a truly international school, following the example set by its existing campuses. There will be a 30% nationality cap, ensuring a wide mix of international citizens. For your little learners, it means they’ll continually be exposed to ideas from all corners of the world and create global ties that will set them up for an increasingly connected world.

one world international school singapore

What Happens When You Add Kindness Into The Mix

When kindness is the cornerstone of a school’s vision and mission, the rest follows naturally. Students can (and will!) thrive academically, push themselves and take risks, all while being nurtured in a healthy, technology-enabled learning environment.

Find Out More About OWIS Digital Campus

Find out more about One World International School Digital Campus* by attending its Open House or Virtual School Tour. Simply contact the friendly admissions team for more information.

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One World International School Digital Campus, 27A Punggol Field Walk, Singapore, +65 6914 7351, [email protected],

*Editor’s Note: Proposed site for an international school that will open in 2023 subject to regulatory approvals.

This article is in paid partnership with One World International School. All images courtesy of One World International School.

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