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How To Celebrate A Milestone Birthday In Hong Kong From 30 And Beyond

parties play celebrate milestone birthday hong kong
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Celebrate your big day in style with these wild and wonderful options available in the city!

You’ve always been the planner for friends and family, organising your little one’s birthday party, your best friend’s hen-do or even your partner’s formal office drinks, but it’s time that you have a fabulous celebration yourself! Whether it’s your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th, there is something special you can do in the city to celebrate your milestone birthday!

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parties play celebrate milestone birthday hong kong junk

Flirty at 30

No, we’re not suggesting anything scandalous! Just that while you are still young and able-bodied, you can afford to walk on the wild side and flirt with something exciting and adventurous.

Junk trip
Gather your friends and family and head out on to the high seas for a day of revelry – perfect for this milestone birthday. Unlimited snacks and booze is a rather dangerous combination on a rocking boat, but you could always work off the hangover by going for a swim when your vessel anchors off one of the outlying islands. Check what’s on offer at Lazydays, Hong Kong Yachting and Hong Kong Junks to name just a few. Take a look at our junk boat guide for the whole family for more inspiration.

The LKF experience
Your time in Hong Kong isn’t complete if it doesn’t involve you pulling at least one all-nighter in Party Central – Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). What better time to do it than when you are celebrating your birthday? Keep the kids safely at home with your helper and let your hair down on a Friday (so you have the next day to recover!). We love the idea of enjoying the breeze while having drinks and dinner at Ce La Vi or at Portico at SPIGA.

More of a fitness junkie? Gather the troops and scale one of the city’s most popular hiking routes. Even if the others are complaining while they huff and puff along, they will join you on your special day! We recommend the Dragon’s Back trail for its stunning views and you can spend the rest of the day riding the waves at Big Wave Bay. If you are in the mood for something even more difficult, opt for the Three Dragon Gorge River Walking Tour. You’ll be panting at the end of it, though the route has plenty of natural pools for you to cool off in.

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parties play celebrate milestone birthday hong kong spa

Hottie at 40

No doubt that you’re still fit and fierce at 40, but this milestone birthday is when you usually begin to enjoy the finer things in life. So treat yourself to luxury as you celebrate hitting the big 4-0!

Spa party
Gather your girlfriends and enter your 40s looking your glam best! Melomist, Sense of Touch, Flawless and The Feel Good Factor all offer great spa packages for groups. If you’re more in the mood to celebrate with your other half though, opt for a great couple’s massage at any of the city’s luxury hotels.

Cook up a storm
You may not want to enter a kitchen on your birthday, but doing things as a group makes even mundane activities a whole lot of fun. Besides, restaurants and private kitchens that offer cooking parties know how to jazz up the evening with drinks, humour and friendly competition. Look at options like The Mixing Bowl (always useful when you have to return to regular mummy duties and bake cupcakes for school) and GSpot Cookin’.

We love this one. The fun and excitement of camping but with the creature comforts of your own air-conditioned caravan or tent. Your young kids can join in and you can pick a spot that’s most suited to your family’s adventure quotient.

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parties play celebrate milestone birthday hong kong catered event

Fabulous at 50

By this age, your kids are getting to the point where they are almost ready to fly the coup (or they already have). In some ways, you probably can’t wait for them to leave but a part of you is going to be fairly miserable when they are gone. It’s a good time to take up a new hobby, keep yourself creatively occupied, focus on yourself and pursue a passion project.

Catered private events
It’s not every day that you hit a half-century – now this is a milestone birthday for sure! Reason enough for you to throw the mother of all parties! Opt for a place that will cater to your tastes, has a venue that can accommodate everyone you invite and allows your children to join in the celebrations. After all, they are at the age where they can be part of a conversation, charm your guests (if there’s a reward at the end of it) and you will miss them when they’re off to college.

Unleash the artist within
Always had a creative streak but never quite pursued it? Not sure if you enjoy painting or sculpture or both? Try your hand at art jamming, pottery and ceramics workshops. There are a number of studios across town that will indulge and hone your creative talent (if there is one). Should you discover that you are no Da Vinci after all, at least you will have given it a shot! We particularly like art jamming, Chocolart and Studio 83 to go wild with a canvas, or The Pottery Workshop and Two Parts Studio if you feel like moulding and making your own ceramic creations.

Wellness retreats
After years of mothering your not-so-little ones, it’s finally time to start taking care of your body and health. Consider looking at yoga retreats and meditation camps that you could do with your best friends or even alone. A few of them are a short flight away (Museflower in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and Banjaran in Ipoh, Malaysia, for example) while there are also options within Hong Kong itself, occasionally offered as one or two-day packages by luxury hotels, yoga studios and even co-working spaces.

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parties play celebrate milestone birthday hong kong holiday

Hello 60!

This is the decade when every family moment becomes even more precious. It might even be the time when you graduate to being a Sassy grand-mama! Every stage in life is cherished and comes with its own beautiful experiences, so make sure you create some magical memories as you hit this decade.

Family holiday
Go for a luxury cruise or a fabulous holiday with your most loved ones. It’s a great way to bond with everyone who may not be in the same city any more. You could try the World Dream cruise or the Star Cruise Pisces that depart from Hong Kong. If not everyone in the family is on board (pun intended!) with the idea though, you could opt for a destination that is a quick flight away.

Photo session
This is something that will mean so much. Organise a family photo shoot and have your favourite shots of this milestone birthday framed for posterity. To begin with, you might have a few whiners who claim they don’t like posing for photos, but the city has an abundance of photographers who know just exactly how to put everyone at ease and capture sweet and genuine moments of love and tenderness.

Even if it’s not your 60th, your mum’s or dad’s could be coming up soon. Look at organising one of these family experiences or gifting them something thoughtful and heartfelt. Customised photo frames, a montage of video messages collected from old friends and 60 tiny keepsakes from their grandkids are sure to get them teary-eyed.

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