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Happy Baton: Sustainable, Safe and Sanitised Toys Delivered To Your Door

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The play and pass it on mantra will make eco and space-conscious parents very happy!

In Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, we often dread the time we have to find a place to store our little ones’ new toys. After all, play is crucial to a child’s early years development and we wouldn’t want to deprive them of anything! And yet, we can’t help but wonder if there is a better, more sustainable way to satisfy our children’s insatiable need for fresh toys and experiences, that makes both economic and ecological sense.

Thankfully, there is! If this question has been troubling you for a while, Happy Baton is where you will find your answer. Subscribe to this online toy library, pick the toys you want and schedule delivery. Offering items on a rotating monthly basis gives your little ones new toys to play with regularly and saves you the hassle of long-term storage. And perhaps most importantly, every time you borrow, you help to reduce waste and at the same time, teach your little ones how to play and live in a more socially-responsible way. Monthly packages start at as little as $300 per month. As schools currently remain closed, there is perhaps no better time to try out Happy Baton and keep your little ones entertained at home with Happy Baton’s carefully curated toys focused on your child’s growth and early developmental needs. The best part – the hygiene! Toys are wiped clean with children-safe, anti-bacterial natural disinfectant and then a professional Dry Steam Cleaner is used to steam clean and disinfect all toys at 174 °C before it gets passed on. Win-win in our books! #PlayItForwardHK

Sassy Mama PerkUse code SASSY100 to get $100 off your first borrow. Exclusively for Sassy Mama readers.

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Brought to you in partnership with Happy Baton. Image courtesy of Happy Baton.

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