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Sassy Mama Expert: Pregnancy, Exercise & Your Heart Rate

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Q: Iʼve heard you shouldnʼt get your heart rate up too high when pregnant – what are your tips on safe exercise when youʼre expecting?

A: Generally speaking, the resting heart rates in pregnant women can be up to 50% higher than normal, but if you have always remained relatively active you neednʼt worry too much. It is advisable to do 30 minutes of exercise daily during pregnancy but be aware not to over exert yourself.

Those ladies who are considering starting an exercise regime after becoming pregnant need to take it slow and listen to how your body feels after exercise. Begin with 10-20 minute gentle walking before gradually building up to higher intensity exercises.

When in doubt, always seek advice from your doctor.  Hiring a trainer (who’s been trained to work with expectant mums!) to monitor your progress is often a great option as this  ensures that your exercises are monitored with safety in mind.

-Ed Chambers, Personal Trainer

A professional personal trainer for more than 10 years, Ed is one of Sassy Mama’s most trusted experts when it comes to staying in – or getting back into – shape.

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