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Sassy Mama Kat tries Japanese eyelash extensions at Sozo!

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I have always been a mascara fanatic, trying every possible option from high street brands to the drug store variety to perk up my short eyelashes. To be honest, not many mascaras have come close to giving me the fuller-set-of-lashes look, which is why I started getting temporary eyelash extensions.

I’ve had them done a few times several years ago, but they never really lasted longer than a week and a half before the individual lashes started falling out or getting crumpled together. So, when I had the opportunity to try out the new Japanese eyelash extension services at Sozo Hair Design, I decided to give the eyelash extension world another try.

Sozo Hair Design is known for recruiting some of the very best talent to join their team so I knew I was in good hands when introduced to their professional eyelash designer and stylist, Kei Sugiyama. We started off the session with a brief but detailed consultation as to what look I wanted to achieve. I’m all for a full set of lashes, but I also wanted the final look to be natural and wearable for every day. I’m a mama of one (soon to be two!) and I’m not heading to fancy events where I need the va-va-voom lash variety – so natural with some volume and lift was all I wanted.

IMG_7309We discussed the shape of the curl, the thickness of the actual lash, the layout of the lashes and finally the amount of lashes I would want on each eyelid. I opted for the C curl, the 0.15 thickness, the “Cool” layout (which was essentially longer lashes near the outer corner of my eye) and 60 individual lashes per eyelid. Who knew there were so many options?!

I settled into a cornered out area in the hair salon that was curtained to maintain privacy. A comfortable bed with a warm fluffy blanket was provided. The only improvement I would want to see here, is that the session is done in a more private and quieter setting. We were right next to several patrons who were getting their hair styled – so cue loud hair dryers, chatty customers and the random shuffle of people coming in and out of the open area. However, this wasn’t a huge bother to me because an hour and a half to myself on a comfortable bed had me in and out of much needed dreamland.

IMG_7318Kei began by asking me to close my eyes and relax (yes, please!). She proceeded to tape down the area just below my top lashes. Then carefully and meticulously, began adhering the individual lashes on and I was off to catch a few Zzzz’s. All of a sudden, I had a blast of cold air on my face which startled me since I had fallen asleep! I kind of wish I had a little warning before that came because it wasn’t the most pleasant way to wake up! But the fan was for drying the glue and with that, an hour and a half had passed and all 120 lashes had been adhered.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.02.09 PMI was very happy with the results because my new set of lashes definitely looked fuller and longer without looking too overdone for an everyday wear. The whole treatment was very comfortable (other than the shock of the mini fan in my face!) and was done in a very reasonable amount of time. Kei advised me not to use any oil cleansers or oil based make up remover on my eyes but I could still use my eyeliner and other eye shadows. She also suggested using water based cleansers and a q-tip to clean the area.

IMG_7802It took a few days for me to adjust to not being able to really rub my eyes (I know, bad habit), and I lost one or two lashes during the first week. But it has already been three weeks, and my eyelashes are still going strong!

I would highly recommend Sozo’s eyelash extension services for the sole fact of the longevity of the lashes. They have not once bunched up or moved out of shape. And in fact, I have had to use a little bit of oil based make up remover to get rid of stubborn eyeliner, but the lashes have not budged. Two thumbs up in my books!

Check out this new and fabulous service with more information on their website here.

Sozo Hair Design, 3/F Worldwide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2353 5025

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