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Sassy Mama Spins With XYZ Studio!

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Don’t get me wrong, I like to exercise, but if someone can make me love it, then sign me up. In my opinion the way to love exercise is to not even realise it has just happened. When I put forth my all, give over 100% and have a good time doing it, well, that’s the exercise I’ll continue to do! Recently, I had this experience at XYZ: it was effortless because I had such fun, yet at the end of the class, I was dripping in sweat. Wait! How’d that happen?! XYZ is what happened!

DSC_0731XYZ is a spinning cave (not gym) in Central at the New World Trade Center. Immediately entering the space, you feel like you’re in for something special. It’s a cool, urban concrete “cave”, with a locker room well-appointed with plenty of lockers, crisp clean towels and luxurious smelling soaps and shampoos in the shower stalls. There are even hairdryers for after primping. In the lobby, there’s a subtle wall selling XYZ gear. The way to the actual spinning cave is clearly marked with the encouraging XYZ logo beckoning the spinners in.

DSC_0734Inside, the XYZ spinning room is simply chic. Under the cool, fluorescent lighting, the bikes are all neatly lined up row by row so there’s enough individual space to ride away. The instructor is elevated on a stage so you can see him/her no matter where you are in the room.

DSC_0726The acoustics are amazing (I found out later that even though the music’s pumping the instructor can here every word you say!), and the lighting is phenomenal. Basically the entire experience could be compared to a club, YET there’s no smoke and no boozy vibe – just plenty of energy to pump harder!

DSC_0695The instructor was very good at keeping his cycling team motivated and his directions were perfectly detailed. At times, he even stepped off the bike to give a side profile example of what we should be doing. Most importantly though, the pace was always elevating and because of positive reinforcement, the spinners exertion was matched. (While all the instructors are excellent at XYZ, I know I will always be biased with Bridge—he was awesome)! Motivating music, changing lights, words of encouragement, plus hoots and hollers from the entire room made the 50 minute workout seem like a piece of cake — which it was not! Drenched in sweat and barely able to get off the bike, I ended the session amazed at what I had accomplished, but I was ready to sign up again. It was just that fun!


Sassy Mama Discount: Show up with a friend and mention ‘Sassy Mama‘ to get 2 rides for the price of 1! Only valid for am rides, through 31 January. Rides are $350 each. See schedule here

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