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Sassy Mama Supports: Safari Kid One for One

Sassy Mama Supports Safari Kid One for One
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For every student who attends Safari Kid, another student from an underprivileged background will get to go to school in the One for One program…

For the most part, many of us in Hong Kong don’t even think twice about whether or not our kiddos will grow up with an education. It’s just something we’ve come to acknowledge as a “no-brainer”. Many of us are fortunate enough to not have to worry about sending our children to school. However, there are so many families around Asia who do not have the capacity to do so for their children.

International pre-school, Safari Kid sees this despairing need and has risen to the challenge of opening education centres around the region that will give children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to go to school.

Mr Aniruddh Gupta (CEO, Safari Kid Asia) was inspired by the popular social enterprise TOMS “buy one, give one” philosophy, saw the opportunity where Safari Kid could adopt a similar philosophy to help many underprivileged children get a proper start to their education. 

Safari Kid is set to launch their corporate social responsibility program, One for One in September 2016. This incredible program will see the school opening education centres in impoverished areas throughout Asia and educating one disadvantaged child for every fee paying student. This gives the school community a great opportunity to give back and get involved in the global community in a very meaningful way.

For every child that is enrolled in a Safari Kid school in Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and India), One for One will pledge to provide an education to an underprivileged child. Through building separate education centres in poorer areas of the region, starting with India, their goal is to enrol as many students in these centres as they have in their regular fee-paying schools without passing on the costs to parents.

Safari Kid currently has 325 students enrolled throughout Asia. The goal is that by the end of 2016, Safari Kid’s One for One education centres will have the same amount of students all benefiting from a good academic start in life.

We really couldn’t think of a more meaningful way for our children to help others through providing the precious gift of learning to another child. Learn more about this wonderful way of giving back at Safari Kid.


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