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Sassy Mama’s Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

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Need some ideas for gifts your kiddos will surely love to get this Christmas? Here are some suggestions!

 As Christmas is only but days away, the time to start hunting for gifts have arrived! However, with so many options out there you might be in a fix thinking and pondering on what to buy, especially if your kids haven’t solidified their “Santa list” yet or if you just want to surprise them with an off-list present. But not to worry Sassy Mama, has got your back. We have come up with a list of gifts, from plush toys to 3D Pens and more, so that you can conveniently find a gift your junior will love! Read on to find out what gifts are hot for kids this Christmas!


Building Blocks

Grab some Unit Bricks for the kids this Christmas, they’ll love it! After years of research, Unit Bricks has created a multi sensory toy that supports children in their creative pursuits. All the bricks are made of 100% sustainably grown tropical hardwood and have been carefully designed to help stimulate creativity and cognitive development in young minds. Give your budding architects the toy that keeps giving this year!

Find it at: Unit Bricks, 2B, 171-177 Hollywood road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, or at Unit Bricks  (Starting price at $348)


A Kindle or Books for Children

Books are awesome gifts for younglings to help develop their inquisitive minds. Here are some awesome books that I loved reading as a child: Holes, Charlotte’s Web, Adventures of Tin Tin, Matilda, Where the Wild Things Are, the Harry Potter series, Children’s cookbooks … and many more. Help pave a love for books and knowledge starting at young ages! For avid young readers, Kindles are great because they get to bring a library of books around with them and purchasing books becomes a lot easier too.

Find it at: Bookstores around Hong Kong, and get your Kindle here!


Cutie Plushies

One classic gift that all kids love are plushies! You can choose from a variety of handmade dolls from Little Voyage, all of which are made of 100% organic materials. You could also choose to get some extremely soft and adorable plushies from Petit Bazaar.  Or opt to shop at Iroiro, they have a collection of cute plushies too and are conveniently located in many of the frequented MTR stations. All these snuggle friendly dolls are great for gifting little ones with!

Find it at: Little VoyagePetit Bazaar, and Iroiro MTR locations at Central, Admiralty, Causeway bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Bay.


Arts and Crafts Fun

Its always fun to see the kids get creative, to watch them invent things and have their ideas materialise. Seedling has an awesome selection of quirky arts and crafts packets kids can have fun with; they make arts and crafts very fun and easy because each packet includes all the necessary supplies. You can choose from all sorts of creative things, from jewelry making, designing a tablet case, designing your own yo-yo and many more fun stuff.

Find it at: Seedling



Is your little one a minion fan? Check out Toy Club’s collection of all thing minions, from minions monopoly to minions walkie talkies and more. Your little minion fan will love this gift! If that wasn’t enough check out Toys R Us‘ Minions collection too.

Find it at: Toy Club’s collection or Toys R Us


3D Doodler 2.0

With this 3D Doodler pen you can bring drawings to life! Its really cool, all you have to do is lift the pen and start drawing in air to create a 3D models of whatever you want. A neat alternative to the 3D Doodler is the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen. It works in the same way, except instead they create chocolate models of things.

Find it at: 3D Doodler pen ($899) & Candy Craft Chocolate Pen ($194)



Buy your little ones timeless boardgames such as monopoly, clue and twister! In today’s digitalized world, playing with boardgames is a great way to interact face to face with friends and family. I still remember the good times when I would have to bluff my way out of a bad set of cards, or trick my brother into selling some monopoly property to me…

Find it at: Boardgames



Legos are fun, creative, and educational. They are always great gifts to give kids as it is a great way for them to express their thoughts and imaginations. Choose from a huge number of legos at the Brickshop or visit their stores!

Find it at: Brickshop’s Online store, Causeway Bay store, or Repulse Bay store!


Other than giving kids present that you’ve chosen another great option is to present them with Gift Cards! This allows them to choose their own presents and also grasp a better understanding of monetary values. Here are some great places to purchase gift cards for the kiddies, Toys “R” UsPage OneCitysuper, Log On, and iTunes.

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