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Sassy Mama’s Christmas Hacks

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Let us help you save a little time this Christmas with some helpful holiday hacks!

In case you hadn’t noticed, the festive season is now in full swing!  From the tempting mince pies in M&S to The Pogues forever being on the tips of our tongues, we thought it necessary to provide a round-up of simple hacks to try out at home this Christmas, which are set to wow your guests, entertain your little elves and save you some time.


DIY String Light Christmas Tree

The DIY goddess has done it again.  She’s taken something simple and made it look beautiful and pinterest worthy – we salute you Geneva!  Sadly, in Hong Kong we have to get a little creative when it comes to home interiors, especially at Christmas.  Not all of us have that luxury to take a trip to a tree nursery and giddily choose ‘the one’ to drag back in a cab and plonk in the centre of our living rooms, so this genius idea can assist in getting the creative juices flowing so not to disappoint the tiny people in your family.  I hope this has rescued a few downhearted souls who thought they would possibly have to skip getting a tree this year.

Check out how to create your very own minimalist tree here: A Pair & A Spare


Christmas Spring Rolls

I love mince pies (a little too much) but they are fiddly little things to make, and I always find there’s quite a bit of washing up to do afterwards.  These foolproof mince pie spring rolls of amazingness look to die for and will give you a nice Asian twist to your traditional Christmas Day treats.

I’m all about finding shortcuts but not sacrificing taste, style or quality so these little parcels (which are claimed to be healthier than mince pies) are just the ticket to save you a few minutes in the kitchen, leaving more time to eat them all (we mean share).

Find the recipe here: Jasmine & Ginger


Wrapping with Foliage

Save a bit of money on your wrapping this year but still achieve that perfect look by limiting your purchasing to one type of wrapping paper, some twine or baker’s twine and some foliage or buy some mixed herbs or even just cut some small amounts away from your Christmas Tree (there’s always a blind spot, no one will know). Hege in France has put together a beautiful post, which should help you visualise how you can simplify your wrapping this year but still make your gifts look impressive and smell divine.

Find your wrapping inspiration here: Hege in France


Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

Nothing tugs at your Christmas senses more than the waft of a glass of gluhwein.  The smell alone is enough to transform your mood into a happy, festive one.  Typically the recipes are much of a muchness, but it’s always a pain judging when to put on the mulled wine.  We found a recipe using a slow cooker for the mulled wine and it works brilliantly, leaving you time to pop on the festive tunes and brush your hair before your guests come round, instead of standing by the stove laboriously stirring your wine.

Find the recipe here: The View From Great Island


Pine Wreath

Wreaths were traditionally used to prepare for the Advent season, but to most, they are a key symbol of Christmas and a warm greeting at our front doors.  This DIY hack is so simple yet effective and should save you a few pennies (bonus).  You could even transform this piece to be a centrepiece for your table or consider painting the pine cones first to add even more of a festive flair.

Check out how to create your very own wreath here: I Heart Naptime

Christmas Hacks 6

Snowy Goo

Looking for something to entertain the little shepherds and angels while you prepare Christmas dinner?  Try having a go at making this ‘snowy’ goo.  A great and fun activity for the kids that should hopefully entertain them for a little while (well until at least the sprouts have been prepped).  This website has other fun Christmas-related craft ideas that use only a few items but look very festive (equally good for the kids and the “big kids”).

Check out how to make your very own snow slime here: Growing A Jeweled Rose

Lead image sourced via Pinterest, image #4 sourced via Pinterest, image #5 sourced via Pinterest, all other images sourced via respective Facebook pages and websites

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