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Sassy Mama’s Gift Guide for Babies

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Need ideas for what to get that little bouncing bundle of joy in your life? Check out our Gift Guide for Babies!

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there is definitely a difference of approaches.  On the one hand, there are the crowds who fist pump the air with eagerness, whilst gripping their gingerbread latte and shopping list with the other hand.  But for some, there couldn’t be a more daunting task than that annual Christmas shop; full of flashing lights, too many choices and a list long enough to make you broke. We have put together a simple Sassy Mama hit list of what to add to those shopping baskets or e-trolley carts for the babies in your lives (and not the husbands), to help take some of the pressure out of shopping and make it a more enjoyable shopping experience. (If all else fails, start practicing how to make your best mulled wine, and keep sampling it until it tastes just right, if you get our drift…)


Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move Beatbo

Move over Jellycat bunny there’s a new kid in town.  This futuristic buddy is definitely on my Christmas list.  It knows how to groove and plays cute little tunes, as well as recording your baby’s adorable cooing through to their first words.  It is bright, interactive, lights up and is ideal for when your baby reaches that cause and effect stage (that some of us know all too well with our air con remotes, TV remotes, laptops, you name it).

Find it: on Amazon  for $425


Trousselier Musical Mobile Angels

Replace that blank space above your baby’s cot with a gentle and tonal mobile this Christmas. Then watch your own little angel drift off to the land of nod whilst listening to the gentle music and watching the slow movements of the angels ‘dancing’.  There’s no greater gift than a baby sleeping soundly so maybe this one is more for the adults…

Find it: on Petit-Bazaar for $780


Lights and Sounds Walker

A great gift for curious and adventurous babies, the light and sounds walker by the ELC can be used as two different toys.  The front element of the walker (wheel) detaches, acting as a great toy in itself as the baby only needs to be able to sit to enjoy pressing the buttons and watching all the lights and music react to your baby’s actions.  Once your baby becomes a bit more daring, the front part can be re-attached to the walker, which will encourage your little dears to start pulling themselves up and slowly take their first steps (although once they start walking it’s a whole new ball game so think long and hard before those eager acts of encouragement… I’m just saying).

Find it: From Mothercare for $600


Fish Xylophone

If you haven’t discovered The Little Door yet, then you’re in for a real treat.  All the toys are handpicked and typically handmade.  This beautiful fish xylophone is handmade with the highest quality materials and comes in two colours.  It’s a toy that will be sure to last and sit timelessly in your home – LOVE!  Your babies will grow with this piece from enjoying watching you make noises with it to understanding they can do it too, to learning to play simple nursery rhymes themselves.

Find it: From The Little Door HK for $980


Activity Babel

Balls & buckets – if two things were guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained for 20 minutes then I would go for these two things every time.  This toy not only stacks but you can also watch the balls fall through the buckets at the bottom.  This is a great toy to grow with your child and their forever changing personalities and short attention spans.

Find it: from ItsImagical for $399


Sugar Snaps Prints

Some of you may be looking at the list above and thinking ‘our babies don’t even know it’s Christmas yet!’ in which case consider a keepsake from Sugarsnap Prints’ personalised gift range, which your little one can treasure for years to come.  Ranging from posters to canvas prints to my favourite, cushions.  This company is fast, reliable and super friendly and produces its products with love and care.

Find it: From Sugarsnap Prints 


And remember mums and dads, a gift will bring joy to you, too because it will ensure you get a chance to have that much needed cup of coffee whilst your little dears play happily with their toys (or even just the packaging!) this Christmas.

Lead image sourced via Pinterest

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