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Sassy Mama’s Gift Guide for Teens

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Need gift ideas for your teen that won’t leave him or her giving you side-eye? Check out our roundup of cool gift ideas!

Holiday shopping gets a little trickier as your kids get older. They are pickier and more specific with their taste. Though it’s tempting to just give money or gift cards, your teens surely still love unwrapping a gift. We’ve rounded up a list of gift ideas that any teen would love. #IMHO


8FIVE2 x Transformers Deck by Jeff Gonzales

Got a sk8r boy or girl in the house? How about a shout out to local shop 8FIVE2’s creation – a sweet Transformers deck signature model designed by Jeff Gonzales. Your teen can carve through the HK streets, grindin’, kickfliping and ollie-ing all over this concrete jungle. ($350 HKD  for deck)

Screenshot 2015-12-08 15.11.16

Triangle Necklace by CARAT London 

This triangle pendant necklace with white gold finish from CARAT London is sweet, simple and elegant – perfect for your teen who surely possesses the same qualities… CARAT is one of the world’s leading fashion fine jewellery brands famous for its diamond simulants and lab gemstones. It creates exquisite pieces with unique gemstones that have the look and brilliance of the pricey stuff but without the cray price tag. Find it at the CARAT boutique in the IFC Mall, shop 1040A.



A great hair tie is hard to come by, and to find one that’s both comfortable and fashionable – well, you’ve struck gold, mama! Sprouted from a family-grown business and developed on a kitchen table in Beverly Hills, Maddyloo produce creaseless, fray-free hair ties, bracelets and headbands that are sure to make the perfect gift or stocking-filler for both Sassy mamas and little ones alike! Choose from rhinestones and jewel flowers that’ll instantly glam up your look or play around with a more sophisticated, blended choice with a simple print and colour – you’ll be spoilt for choice as Maddyloo have heaps of fun colours and styles to match every age, mood and personality for those little ladies on your gift-list this year!

Find it online here from $60. Maddyloo are offering an exclusive 20% off for all Sassy Mama readers using the code “SASSY” at check out!


Lush Shampoo Bars

A perfect idea for a stocking stuffer, Lush shampoo bars are the new, cool way to keep those tresses clean and well, lush. Choose from several different types of bars, from Lullabye (shown above) which is a gentle shampoo made with oats, almonds and lavendar for soothing and softening to Braziliant, made to strengthen and condition your hair. They are small but concentrated little power punches of shampoo. They’re easy to use, easy to travel with and will last up to 80 washes. Perfect for your son or daughter to throw into their gym bags, and they won’t clutter up your shower space. These little gems are worth every cent of that $115 HKD.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 01.47.21

DIY Smartphone Projector

With this handy build-it-yourself retro projector, your teen can stop, drop and entertain the room anytime, any place, anywhere. Made of corrugated cardboard, this cool contraption (do kids use that word?) fits any phone up to 3 x 5.5 inches, has two slots for speakers and a phone charger and needs no power source. ($266.33 HKD)


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Here’s a modern nod to the old school Polaroid instant camera. It’s small, sleek and selfie ready. Perfect for your teen. And it prints full color pics in less than one minute – less time than it takes them to choose a filter and post to Instagram. ($99.99 USD)


Swagway -x1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard

Buy this for the teen in your life and you can vicariously live out all your Back to the Future dreams through him or her. One of the coolest kids on the scene in 2015, the Swagway is easy to use (it responds to your body movement), handy and not to mention a lot of fun. And to think, at their age, we were rockin’ roller blades…(Hoverboard priced at $4159.55 HKD.)

Screenshot 2015-12-10 07.24.24

Pocket DJ Mixer

Got a DJ in the house? With this easy to use, portable mixer, she can get her Calvin Harris on just by plugging the mini mixer into her iPhone or mp3 player. Your teen can flex her sick skills on demand, and make anywhere the perfect place for an instant dance party. Before you know it, she’ll be invited to be the guest DJ at a hot Las Vegas club… oh wait! How about a strict friends and family venues only rule? ($833.58 HKD)

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