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Sassy Mama’s Top 25 Apps for Busy Mamas!

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Hong Kong is not a city for the faint-hearted and most of us are well acquainted with the “work hard, work hard” mantra. And when you’ve got a whole brood to keep track of, things can get a little chaotic. Fortunately for busy Hong Kong parents, there’s an app for just about everything, so you can keep your family in check and have more time for actual play. Get savvy and get your iPhone to do the smart thinking, A4 planners just don’t cut it anymore!

Hong Kong Apps 

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Discover Hong Kong (Free)
This one’s good to have when you’re on the go if Plan A fails and you suddenly need a Plan B. It has all the best activities to do in the ‘Kong with all the latest events!

Waste Less (Free)
You’re the best role model for your kids, and that means teaching them about recycling and being eco-friendly! Here’s an easy way to get started, mama: simply download the newly launched Waste Less App and start doing your part for the environment!

MyObservatory (Free)
The Hong Kong Observatory app helps you stay on top of the unpredictable weather. Kids also rather enjoy the storm tracker function!

Hong Kong Air Pollution (Free)
This app flags the days you should probably be staying inside with a film rather than going for a walk outside…

Hong Kong Taxi Translator (Free)
For when you’ve got a taxi full of screaming kids (been there, my friend) and your Cantonese fails you, this app will be your lifesaver.

Open Rice Hong Kong (Free)
This one should always be on hand if you need a quick dinner fix that will please the masses.

Since launching in Hong Kong, this is our new favourite taxi app, for those days when it’s pouring rain and there’s not a cab in sight! Uber will have a lift show up on your doorstep faster than you can say “Rain, rain, go away!”

Baby Apps

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.53.56 PM

Baby Connect ($38)
Baby Connect rivals other featured apps like FirstYear and it certainly seems to be making waves amongst parents.

FirstYear ($38) 
This baby-tracking app helps you log daily activities such as breastfeeding, nursing, milestones, physical growth, etc. It’s great for keeping on top of newborns’ schedules.

WebMD (Free)
This is for your on-the-trot first aid resources because no one actually has time to read a manual.

Sprout ($28)
Tried and tested by our Daddy Diaries expert, Sprout easily tracks all your baby’s developmental milestones, including immunisations, growth, eating patterns and sleeping schedules.

Baby Pack & Go ($8)
Keep organised with these nappy-bag checklists so you don’t get halfway down the road and realise you’ve forgotten the wet wipes!

White Noise Lite (Free)
Now we’ve categorised this under baby but there’ll be moments you might want to use this to help you sleep soundly too. Choose from sleepy sounds such as the ocean to help you or your nipper dose off.


imageCollect Photo Journal (Free)
This is perfect for storing all your pictures on. It’s a calendar and photo album all rolled into one – joy!

Evernote ($38)
Collect all your handwritten notes, photos, articles, designs and ideas in one space – great for working mamas who have multiple projects to juggle all at once.

Cozi Family Organizer (Free)
Here’s the mother of all mama apps that does what it says on the tin: “Family Life. Simplified.” Use it to manage everyday life and keep on top of schedules!

Paperless ($23)
This is the way forward. Paper lists can be chewed, scribbled on or swept up into playroom rubble. Post-its are so 90s – go paperless!

Podcasts (Free)
Make the most of those long MTR commutes by keeping up-to-date on all the latest news and parenting trends with Podcasts on the go. Subscribe to your favourite channels and get all the latest blasts in one fell swoop!

Awesome Note ($28)
This app is, as it says, totally awesome – it lets you keep diaries, to-do lists and reminders, and also has a really great range of looks to play around with.

Period Tracker (Free)
Like we said, there really is an app for everything! This is our fave so far for tracking menstrual cycles, plus we have to say the fun, flowery design make us feel a bit better about being bogged down and bloated!

Blinkbuggy (Free)
Capture and share memories with this great app that lets you save and store photos, thoughts, events and daily quotes – essentially an all-in-one digital lifelog!

Food and Fitness


BBC Good Food (Free)
This app is an absolute staple. Punch whatever you’ve got left in the fridge into their search tool and cook up some quick, healthy week-day grub. It also has calorie counts and nutritional advice for each recipe.

My Fitness Pal (Free)
Here’s a fitness bible for those of us too busy for anything more high tech. It’s amazing how effective setting a target and logging your calorie intake for the day can be. You can see how picking at kids’ leftovers adds up!

BigOven (Free)
BigOver has a great weekly menu planner feature and helps you keep ahead of the packed lunch game, so no one gets cream cheese and crackers five days in a row!

Live Happy (Free)
Let your happy cup overflow with this mood-boosting app that promotes stress relief and positive psychology. It’s fun and easy-to-use and will create life-affirming habits for you and your family!

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