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Sassy Scoop: Enrol your helper in summer cooking classes at Superhelper!

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We know many of you are packing up the family and jetting off back home for the next few months, so why not take this time while you’re away to enrol your helper in some training classes? Superhelper offers everything from housekeeping to cooking to cake baking for your helper and you know what that means — a tidier home for you and more scrumptious meals for your family!

Wellness Cooking Summer Camp: This camp focuses on cooking for vitality using the right ingredients and cutting down on fat and oil. Helpers will learn how to identify and pick out essential organic foods and keep the sugar at bay so your family stays healthy and happy!

Celebrity Chef Style Cooking Summer Camp: With these cooking classes, your helper can learn to cook like a celebrity chef (and you can eat like one, too!) This course focuses specifically on the best-loved recipes from Jamie Oliver for attaining an Italian-inspired, easy gourmet style.

Chinese Cooking Summer Camp: Does your family love Chinese food? If you’re hoping your helper can become a whiz at Asian cuisine, this class is the way to go. The course emphasises easy recipes from the renowned Ken Hom and Ching He Huang, who have incorporated flavours from around China into a delectable cooking style.

Cake Baking and Decorating: Let’s face it, all kids love sweets and they’re fun to bake as well! This class teaches professional cake baking and decorating and includes a beginner baking set that the helper can use to kick-start her sweet treats at home.

In addition to areas of focus, all camps include general training on food hygiene, cooking vocabulary, techniques and knife skills so your helper will be ready to whip up delicious family meals in no time!

Superhelper is offering all Sassy Mamas an additional 10% off the regular 15% discount, meaning a total of 25% off the original price! Use the coupon code “SASSY” when booking online at or call 2812 0446.

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