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Sassy Scoop: Jump on the coconut water trend with Jax Coco Kidz!

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The coconut water bandwagon is taking Hong Kong by storm and if you haven’t jumped onboard, you should (not because everyone else is doing it, but because it’s so tasty and nutritious!) Jax Coco, the trendy 100% pure coconut water beverage, has been popping up at every market and bazaar around town, and now in your kids’ lunch boxes too with the recently launched Jax Coco Kidz!

The brainchild of Jax Coco Kidz, Jane Gottschalk (check out her That Mama article here), created the drink as a solution to keep her kids hydrated during the day without resorting to all the sugary beverages and concentrated fruit juices on the market. Jax Coco Kidz is made with 100% pure coconut water, with all natural fruit puree or pure cocoa. For all those health-conscious mamas that have spent hours decoding nutrition labels in the supermarket aisle, this is one drink that’s guaranteed to be 100% natural, with no artificial colours or flavours added!

But Jax Coco Kidz goes way beyond nutrition — they offer a range of five delicious flavours that have been tried and tested by Jane’s own kids, so you know they’ll appeal to your little one’s taste buds! These kid-approved flavours include original coconut, chocolate, banana, calamansi and guyabano. Both the banana and chocolate flavours are fantastic dairy-free alternatives to the leading flavoured milk brands, while still incorporating the replenishment benefits of coconut water. The fun flavours will have adults grabbing for the juice boxes too (they went in a pinch at the Sassy office!) so be sure to stock up the pantry!

Just in time for summer, Jax Coco’s calamansi and guyabano flavours are perfect for introducing your little ones to more exotic tropical fruit flavours. Calamansi is a small citrus fruit from the Phillipines with a unique sweet-sour flavour and is especially high in Vitamin C, which is what us mamas like to hear! Guyabano is native to the Caribbean and South America and tastes of strawberry and pineapple with notes of citrus — a perfect match for the refreshing coconut water.

The coconuts themselves are produced from the Philippines and are packed with essential electrolytes as well as lauric acid, which supports the immune system and increases absorption of nutrients. In addition to flavour and nutrition, Jax Coco Kidz comes in fun and colourful packaging guaranteed to brighten up your kid’s lunchtime loll!

Jax Coco Kidz is priced at $53 for six juice packs, and is available from Great Food Hall at Pacific Place, and select Fusion and ParknShop stores throughout Hong Kong. You can also buy them online here.

Brought to you in partnership with Jax Coco

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