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Sassy Scoop: Jump start your baby’s development with KindyROO at SPRING

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As new parents, we so often hear that the brain of a child under five years of age develops faster than at any other time during their lives, and we naturally want to facilitate that as best we can. But it can be hard to know exactly what we should be doing when it comes to encouraging this early development. Particularly with infants, the focus is often on physical development – such as weight gain and milestones like sleeping through the night. But what about neurophysiological development – the combination of both brain and physiological development?

SPRING’s child-and-parent-focused KindyROO@SPRING programme helps parents to support their child through sequential developmental stages, offering practical advice, exercises and activities for parents to use both in, and outside of the classroom. The programme is designed to maximise children’s learning ability by promoting body awareness, fine and gross motor skills and memory, using enjoyable games, rhymes and dances as learning tools.

Each age-appropriate KindyROO@SPRING class builds on the progress of the last, resulting in a visible pattern of development. The programme is offered in blocks of 12 weekly classes of 45 minutes and costs $4200 per block. Discovery Classes are on offer for parents who want to ‘try before they buy’, and allow for the opportunity to road-test SPRING’s programmes before committing to a full block.

Free Discovery Classes for Sassy Mamas

For three weeks from 5–21 June 2013, SPRING is offering free KindyROO@SPRING Discovery Classes as an exclusive gift for Sassy Mamas – but be quick, spots are extremely limited! Register by contacting SPRING and mention that you’re a Sassy Mama. It’s that simple! The free KindyROO Discovery Classes are for the following times and age groups:

KindyROO Caterpillars (6wks-8mths) – Weds / Fri 11:15am–12:00pm

KindyROO Turtles (8-14mths) – Fri 3:45–4:30pm

For more information on KindyROO@SPRING, check out SPRING’s website or call +852 3465 5000.

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