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Sassy Scoop: Learn Mandarin the Fun Way at Bebegarten’s Enrichment Education Programme!

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Growing up in Hong Kong means our kids have the opportunity to become global-minded citizens, and a huge part of that is becoming bilingual, right mamas? Luckily, we have plenty of language learning resources available in Hong Kong, but how do we make the right choice for our kids? Bebegarten’s answer is to infuse language learning with cultural appreciation and contextual understanding – and we have to say we love it!

Bebegarten realises the importance of kids growing up with a strong grasp of the Chinese language, and that’s why they’ve put extra time and resources into developing a stellar Mandarin course for kids. Their approach encourages kids to explore, learn, create and discover the world around them while fostering creativity and independent learning. As one of their core Enrichment programmes, the Mandarin class provides real-world experiences and helps develop a love for learning!

Their Immersive Mandarin courses are split into two age groups: 18-36 months and 3-5 years. The younger class is aimed at exposing children to Mandarin and encouraging a natural joy and curiosity for learning a new language. Little ones will learn to actively express themselves through sensory explorations and thematic activities that softly introduce Chinese culture to the classroom.

For older kids, the Mandarin class lets kids delve into Chinese culture including calligraphy, Chinese dance and opera, and traditional tea ceremony etiquette – creating a multi-dimensional approach that goes beyond dry memorisation of characters. With this approach to Chinese culture, kids are encouraged and stimulated to learn Mandarin within a greater contextual knowledge – so don’t be surprised if your kids come home eager to share all their new vocabulary and knowledge with you!

All enrichment education classes follow Bebegarten’s method of focusing on key developmental milestones and developing kids physically, emotionally and intellectually – it’s a holistic all-around experience and trust us, your kids will be thanking you when their older as they learn to grow and appreciate different cultures!

Contact Bebegarten Education Centre at 3487 2255 for more details and class schedules.

Bebegarten Education Centre, Level 3, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong



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