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Sassy Scoop: Learn Mandarin this summer at EtonHouse!

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We all know when the summer holidays roll around, children are prone to falling into a sluggish routine of watching T.V., laying about the house and playing video games all day long. If you don’t want your children’s brains to turn to mush over the summer, Mandarin classes are a great way to keep the wheels turning!

EtonHouse knows that learning Mandarin is becoming increasingly essential for children to stay ahead of the curb, and that’s why they’ve created this comprehensive summer programme that builds the foundation for listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin. The programme guides children’s interest and skills in Mandarin through a set of fun activities and learning experiences — not to mention they’ll meet a handful of new friends along the way!

Appropriate for children ages 2 years and above, the EtonHouse summer Mandarin programme engages young children’s language learning capacity, guiding them to recognise Chinese characters and words and more importantly, gain an interest in the language and the culture! This is a broadening experience for children, and gives them the opportunity to truly develop a genuine interest in learning Mandarin, versus just doing “what mum says!”

As a leader in early development, EtonHouse has built a strong Mandarin programme over the past several years, taught by qualified early childhood educators with native language results. The programme is relevant for both native and non-native Mandarin speakers and has proven results from children across a variety of different backgrounds! If you want your child to come out with an introduction to Mandarin at the end of the summer, this is the programme to enroll in!


EtonHouse Mandarin Programme Details:

Dates: 2 July to 8 August
Time: 8:30-11:30am
Duration: Parents can choose either one, two or three sessions (each session is two weeks long)
Price: $4,850 per two-week session, 10% off for two or more sessions
Contact: To reserve, email [email protected] or call 2353 5223

EtonHouse, 102, 1/F Red Hill Plaza, 3 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong

Brought to you in partnership with EtonHouse

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