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Sassy Scoop: What makes Safari Kid International Preschool different? Head to their Open House to find out!

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As all Sassy Mamas know, it’s a jungle out there… a jungle of knowledge that is. As children grow up, their adventure through this uncharted territory is unique. The folks at Safari Kid International Preschool understand this and therefore customise their teaching to maximise each child’s potential. Whilst some schools tend to have more of a blanket-approach to education, Safari Kid concentrates on individuality, believing: “children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded”.

Safari Kid originated in Silicon Valley, USA, in 2005 and is now based in more than 25 locations across the USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The preschool’s unique approach fuses the methods from several leading international early childhood education programmes, such as Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf (Steiner) and Montessori, with its own syllabus. With an internationally recognised IB-compatible curriculum, Safari Kid’s accelerated learning programmes are suitable for children from one and a half years to six years of age. Cognitive, behavioural and language skills are nurtured and the focus is on ability rather than age. Children learn in stages, only progressing once they have mastered the previous stage. There are also “Mommy and Me” classes for kids aged from 12 to 24 months — a great way to introduce tiny tots to learning with other children — as well as a host of after-school activities.

Rather impressively, Safari Kids tend to be at least a grade ahead of their peers upon completion of the programme and stand out as both leaders and creative problem solvers. Kiddies excitedly look forward to attending classes at Safari Kid, rather than being dragged along kicking and screaming – a huge indicator that they will enjoy lifelong learning!

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If you are currently seeking a preschool for your own little explorer, why not swing by Safari Kid’s Open House on Saturday 17th May 2014 at their charming jungle-themed premises to see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Light refreshments will be served at the school’s watering hole and the principal and CEO of Asia will be holding tours of the facilities. Tours begin at 10am, 2pm and 4pm and reservations are essential as they will be popular! Contact [email protected] or call 2177 0001 to book your place.

Shhh! We also have a Sassy Mama Secret for you… the school will be showcasing its brand new app and website, which is a game changer in early childhood learning, so make sure you are around to have a sneak peek!

Enjoy the safari with your future king or queen of the jungle, mama. We’re sure that you will both be wild with excitement when you see what Safari Kid has to offer!

Safari Kid, L101 Chi Fu Landmark, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong, 2177 0001

Brought to you in partnership with Safari Kid

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