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Sassy Scoop: Stay Fit and Fabulous with Inner Strength Barre & Pilates Classes!

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So you’ve just had a baby and with all the things you need to focus on finding a post-pregnancy workout may have ended up pretty low on your to-do list. Are we right here, mamas? Well don’t fret, mamas, because Inner Strength is here to make sure you get your fab pre-baby bod back in no time!

These mama-friendly classes located in the heart of Central specialise in pre- and post-natal Pilates, so you can stay in shape and feel fit as a fiddle throughout the pregnancy process from start to finish and then even after your little one arrives. Inner Strength acknowledges the fact that pregnancy and delivery are physically demanding, and the studio is ready to help you tackle the challenges that your body will face along the way. All the classes are guaranteed safe for pregnant women, with modified traditional workouts designed to yield maximum impact without posing any risks to you, mama!

Classes at Inner Strength are custom-designed and instructed by an experienced women’s health physio, and cover a range of fitness aspects including cardio, strength, toning and balance. For expecting mamas, you’ll learn how to activate your core abdominal muscles and exercise your pelvic floor – an essential exercise to staying fit and healthy during pregnancy, and beyond. Post-delivery, hop back in the studio and you’ll be amazed at how your body gradually transforms back into its pre-pregnancy state.

Inner Strength offers modified barre and Pilates classes – all designed to get you sweating and your heart rate up as you tone and strengthen arms, legs and butt muscles. Even if you’re not pre- or post-natal, Inner Strength’s classes are a great all-around workout to staying fit and fueling the energy tank, so check out their classes now and take the first step to a healthier and happier you!

Inner Strength is offering a complimentary trial session for all Sassy Mamas from now until the end of October. Spaces are limited, so book now by emailing [email protected].

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