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Sassy Supports: The BIG Dinner

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We all take eating for granted, much like we take our ability to walk, but many people aren’t so lucky. The BIG Dinner is a fund-raising initiative by the charity 500 miles, which lets you get involved through a medium most people can get onboard with – food! On the evening of 7 March, people all over the world will get together with family and friends to share a meal and gather donations toward helping disabled people in Africa walk again and regain independence, with the goal of raising nearly $6mill HKD. Want to get involved? Host your own BIG dinner right here in Hong Kong!

A Charitable Cause

500 miles was founded in Scotland several years ago by the amazing Olivia Giles, a quadruple amputee due to meningitis-related septicaemia. Her sudden illness and near death experience were incredibly shocking but thankfully she rallied back – through sheer determination – to not only survive but lead a near normal life. Unlike others who are less fortunate, Olivia received a true second chance at life. She chose to turn her dreadful experience around by setting up a charity to fund artificial limbs for disabled people in Africa. Read more about this remarkable lady and 500 miles at

paolopatrunophoto.org_500miles-155Dine and Donate

On 7 March 2015, 500 miles is holding the BIG dinner – a major fundraising event consisting of hundreds of separate dinners taking place all over the world, some of which will be showcased in a special web-stream broadcast. Every dinner will bring new life and hope to someone in Africa who desperately needs an artificial limb or limb support, to help them achieve mobility or full body function.

It’s super simple to get involved: all you have to do is register via the website here, invite a group of friends and host your own dinner at home (or given HK’s tiny apartments, eat out!). Even if you can’t cook, or are too busy to prepare a meal, it’s okay to ‘cheat’ and order takeaway! Alternatively, nominate a foodie friend to do the hosting.

Numerous dinners are already planned across the UK as well as in the USA, Australia, France, Spain, Africa and right here in HK -but more are needed to really make a difference! So why not make a date to dine and donate?

Check out the details and get inspired via

Remember that as you sit down to dinner in Hong Kong – in Africa, someone will stand up and walk. What better and BIGGER reason is there to share food with friends?

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Twitter: @thebigdinner

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