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Secret Ingredient Family Meals: It’s a Pizza Party!

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Like many busy families in Hong Kong, I often struggle to come up with meal options that are nutritious and delicious for dinner time. But the biggest hurdle of late is feeding my picky toddler who would be happy to eat just bread and yogurt all day every day!

Then I came across Secret Ingredient Hong Kong. Having been around for the last few years, I’ve had friends (sans kids) who have ordered from them and they have spoken so highly of the fresh AND prepared/portioned out (!) produce right to their door. I was definitely skeptical at first – sure it must be convenient to have everything delivered and laid out for you, but surely, it must cost an arm and a leg! However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices were definitely affordable especially for the premium cuts of meat and earth-friendly choices.

Next bone to pick – all the recipes were perfect for my hubby and I, but I wasn’t sure if my picky son would appreciate them too. Step in, Secret Ingredient’s answer to my prayers… children friendly options, and not only that, special family recipes available each month! This month, they are featuring a fun pizza DIY kit which is MUCH healthier than your typical Pizza Hut/Pizza Box/Pizza fill-in-the-blank deliveries and super easy to make.

IMG_7806We ordered two meals from Secret Ingredient: the Atlantic Salmon with Beetroot-Infused Quinoa (for my hubby and me) and the Kids’ Gourmet Pizza Set. I liked that the ingredients automatically came in two portions with the option of adding more if you’re expecting company or have a larger family.

The website was super friendly to use for a first time customer and I was able to order and receive the ingredients all on the same day. Each meal came with portioned out ingredients that were all chopped and diced up for you – down to the amount of olive oil and salt! Being a type A/organised person I loved that everything was labeled which made following the simple recipe easy as pie (pun intended!). But it definitely helps if you read over the recipe a few times to familiarise yourself with the steps.

IMG_7832After heating up the pre-cooked pizza dough, spreading the rich tomato sauce and sprinkling on the cheese, I laid it out on the dining table with all the delicious toppings. There was chicken, pepperoni, cheesy sausage, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, olives and parsley. So many choices!

IMG_7840My son and I then began to lay all the toppings on the pizza which made for a super fun activity. After laying all the ingredients on top of the pizza, he thought it would be a great idea to sort all the ingredients back into their containers! So we had a good go at making the pizza twice.

IMG_7845In a quick 10 minutes, I pulled the bubbly, warm and crispy pizza out of the oven. Dinner time can be a battlefield sometimes (amiright, mamas?) but that night was different. He ate almost the entire pizza on his own with no fuss! A true testament to how delicious the pizza was and it left me sighing with relief . Even though it was “pizza”, I knew everything that went into making it and all was healthy and good. Thankfully, the portion came in two so my little guy had pizza two nights in a row and was asking for more the next day!

IMG_7852As for hubby and I, our salmon dish had a few more steps, but it was exactly as described in the recipe. We were eating within 15 minutes! I was genuinely surprised to see how quickly the meal came together and how delicious it was too!

IMG_7829Being pregnant with number two, this meal appealed to me, especially since it was packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which is gold for any expecting mama. This specific recipe is also Mayarya (one of Sassy Mama’s fav maternity stores!) recommended too!

Overall, our family’s experience with Secret Ingredient was a positive one and you will find us converted now as regular customers. Mamas, definitely check out their Kids’ Gourmet Pizza Set stat as they are now offering it through mid-March including FREE delivery! Click here to order and be on the lookout for other kid-friendly options in the coming month as well!

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