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Sharing for a Cause with Kids4Kids

Kids4Kids Sharing For A Cause
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Teach your child about the act of giving with Sharing For a Cause. A student-led donation campaign run by Kids4Kids, this is the perfect platform for developing social awareness and responsibility.

It’s easy to grow up in Hong Kong unaware of the invisible poverty inherent to the city. Kids4Kids is out to change that with Sharing For A Cause (SFAC), an entirely youth-led project (run by the Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team) from organisation to execution, and it’s easy to participate.

A Hong Kong based non-profit organisation, Kids4Kids has partnered with over 50 schools and 35 community centres, with over 15,000 students getting involved. Through service and creativity, their mission is to empower the children of Hong Kong to be socially responsible and community-minded. By getting involved in SFAC, your child will collect from those with many, and donate to those without.

In 2011, its launch year, SFAC donated 50,000 books to local and international organisations. In 2012, 36,000 stationary items were donated to Crossroads, a foundation for low-income children and families in need, along with 2,175 pieces of sporting equipment in 2013. 7,301 household appliances and toys went to Crossroads in 2014, with more than double this amount being donated last year.

‘Educational Tools for School’ is the theme of this year’s campaign, with stationary and computer equipment – items we often take for granted – being collected. To take part, your child simply needs to register as a collection point. A starter kit will arrive towards the end of April with promo materials (like posters and power point) and instructions. In May – collect, collect, collect! Collection boxes will be delivered to the Crossroads Foundation in early June, and children are welcome to help out at the Sorting Day at Crossroads later that month.

Give your child the opportunity to learn about the gift of giving with Sharing For a Cause. By encouraging kids to think outside of themselves and about their role in the bigger picture, they’ll be inspired to take action and make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

All the details

What: Sharing For A Cause (SFAC)
When: Collection period runs from the Sunday, 1 May to Tuesday, 31 May, 2016
Where: The collection point can be from the comfort of your own home
RSVP: Click here to register

Check out the promo video!

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